How can you improve your network connection by automatically switching from Wi-Fi to 4G?

If this type of function reminds you of anything, it is that some manufacturers offer it in their own interfaces under different names, such as “Smart Wi-Fi” on Samsung or “Wi-Fi +” on Honor. This is actually a hidden option on all Android phones running Android 5.0 or higher that you can activate at any time. You just need to find it!

To do this, you have to enable developer options by going to settings, then going to “About phone” and finally hitting “Build number” 7 times. Then return to the previous menu. “Developer options” now appears just above “About phone”. If you run into difficulties, go to our article on enabling developer options.

Improve 4g wifi network connection

Click on it and find the “Force Wi-Fi/Mobile data transition” option to enable it using the button. Here it is done! From now on, if the Wi-Fi signal is too weak and therefore your connection is too slow, your smartphone will automatically switch to your mobile connection. A good way to improve navigation comfort whatever the conditions.

But be careful, if the phone switches to 4G this will logically consume your DATA packet. If you have a large package, no problem. If you’re more limited, I suggest you take a look at our tutorial that explains how to reduce your DATA consumption on Android.

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