How can you convert a WiFi code to a QR Code to simplify its sharing?

you’re self-sufficient Hit the back of your internet box the moment you want to share your WiFi code with a guest? What if we told you it really existed MANY simpler ? it is actually Very easy to print QR Code It will contain everything needed to start the WiFi connection. We explain everything in this quick tutorial.

How to print a QR Code connecting your guests to WiFi?

It’s very simple for this:

  • Visit the free site
  • Fill in the SSID, Encryption fields and enter your WiFi key in the “Key” field
  • click Create!
  • You can then directly click on it Print! to print or Export! to save to your hard drive

How to connect to WiFi with QR Code?

Again, this is very simple (you could say that was the goal!):

  • Open the Photo app and point the lens upwards. QR code
  • A notification that lets you connect – click on it
  • You are connected!

Please note, the photo taking app does not detect QR Codes on all Android smartphones, especially if it’s a bit old. For the latter, fortunately, there are apps designed specifically for scanning QR Codes.

The qifi site at the source of these QR Codes offers three alternatives: Barcode Scanner app (ZXing), NeoReader or any other QR Code app based on ZXing library. Also note that all Huawei smartphones can scan QR Codes from photo apps when they have HiVision mode.

QR Code recognition in the Photos app is standard on all iPhones running iOS 12, 13 and 14. Other devices can also recognize it, provided they install a QR Code reader. Has this trick made your life easier? Tell us quickly in the comments for this quick tutorial!

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