Honor 7: How to strengthen network connection with Link+

  • Our full test for Honor 7

To ensure the best possible connection with the Honor 7, Honor leverages Huawei’s expertise in networking. Link+ aims to improve the smartphone’s Wi-Fi and 4G network connection under all conditions. To do this, Link+ relies on two features: Wi-Fi+ and Signal+.

To find them, go to Settings > Wireless & networks > More > Link+. Wi-Fi+ intelligently switches your Wi-Fi connection to 4G based on everyone’s signal strength. For example, if you are using 4G but the signal strength is not strong and you are near a known Wi-Fi network, the Honor 7 may automatically switch to the one that gives you the best connection. You can choose to activate or not.

honor 7 link plus

Signal+ is enabled by default and improves the stability of the signal by looking for more possible coverage to optimize the quality of calls and your internet connection. The TGV example is given by Honor to demonstrate this functionality. It is true that due to the speed of movement of the train it leads to untimely disconnections. Signal+ therefore limits these issues.

Seamless networking features to provide the best possible telephony experience for web browsing and calls. If you are one of the lucky ones to test the Honor 7, let us know your opinion about the network functions of the mobile. As a bonus, a short video to present Link+!

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