Google: top 9 essential tips for better use of the search engine

Google is the most popular search engine. How about some tips for better use?

In the past few months, Google has done more searches on mobile than on PC. It must be said that its integration into our Android smartphones has a lot to do with this, but do you know all the intricacies of the search engine? What would you say to some tips to use it better and save time during your research?

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Many times, when searching for information, we usually go to one website, or even several, and end up spending more time there than we expected. However, it is often possible to find information directly on Google.

1. Follow the matches of your favorite sports teams

Yes Google brings together all the sports results and news of your favorite teams. All you have to do is enter the names of the teams (or cities here) into the search engine. You can then access the scores of the last matches and the dates of the next matches.

google sports

2. Find a plane ticket

Would you like to book flight tickets? Why not compare prices directly on the search engine? you just have to come back “flights…” then enter your destination followed by your departure and return dates. You will then have access to all flights from the cheapest to the most expensive.

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    google flights

3. Know what to do on vacation

Booking a plane ticket is fine, but you still need to know what to do when you arrive at your resort. With the search engine, if you type “things to do…” followed by your destination, you can access all the strategic places in the city you want to go. Is not it beautiful?

google trips

4. Convert units

Yes, Google is also a unit converter and incredibly effective. Proof, you just need to enter a value and a unit and it will be automatically converted to the unit of measure used in your location. It’s still more practical than looking for a euro dollar converter and then doing your conversion manually.

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5. Know a time zone

You have a friend in New York and you planned to call him for his birthday. What if you take the time to check first that you won’t wake him up in the middle of the night. There is no need to overdo it again. By typing “new york time” directly into the search field, you will immediately know what time it is in the Big Apple.

Google time zones

6. Know what day it will fall on Christmas or Valentine’s Day

At this level, we agree that Christmas will always fall on December 25th and Valentine’s Day will always be February 14th. But instead of getting a calendar to check if it’s going to be Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, or Sunday, all you have to do is do a little Google searching. Admit it goes faster as well!

google christmas

7. Use the timer

Ok, we agree, all smartphones offer a timer, but typing “Timer” into your smartphone’s search field will always be faster than launching the app and searching for the right tab. You’ll only gain a few seconds, but if you need a timer, your time is valuable.

google stopwatch

8. Use the calculator

As in the case of the timer, all smartphones have a calculator app, but the advantage here is that you can perform the action directly from the search engine. On a smartphone, it will only be moderately useful, since you only need to put the application in your launcher to make it more accessible, on the other hand, on a PC, it will always be faster than launching the Windows calculator.

google calculator

9. Know the nutritional values ​​of a food

You are someone who will take care of your body and you need to know if the meal you have planned for your dinner represents a deviation from your diet. Again, you don’t need to search until 2 pm and go to several sites that will give you conflicting values. Just type in the name and you’ll have access to all the nutritional values, including the calorie count. Waiting for Google to deliver your food!

google foods

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