Google Play Store: how to use prepaid gift card

Want to buy an app on Google Play Store without entering a credit card number or PayPal account? Want to offer a friend or loved one a credit to spend on the Play Store? These cases relate to Google Play Gift Cards. These cards, which are sold free of charge for 15€, 25€, 50€, 100€ or 200€, can be found in many sales points (supermarkets, tobacco shops, fnac, darty and other big brands etc.) and have the advantage of being able to charge your Google Play account by paying cash. you will have.

How to Use Google Play Gift Card

To use a Google Play Card:

  • Locate the scratch area on the back of the card to reveal the code
  • open on your smartphone Google Play store
  • enter inside ≡ >Redeem code
  • enter the code
  • To approve

If you haven’t registered a payment method and your Google Play balance is zero, you can also enter this code at the time of purchase. In this case, at checkout:

  • To choose use code
  • enter the code
  • To approve

Finally, if the amount of the gift card is not enough, you can always load another code, but for this you need to recharge your account before purchasing.

What can you buy with a Google Play card?

Gift cards can only be used to purchase eligible items on the Google Play Store. In France this means you can only buy:

  • Apps, movies, music and subscriptions

However, Google states on their help page: “Gift Cards are not eligible to purchase ebooks or certain subscriptions and other items listed in the ‘Devices’ section of Google Play (e.g. phones, tablets and related accessories)”. That’s why there are exceptions – the balance does not allow to subscribe to subscriptions on Google Play Newsstand, therefore. Additionally, a euro gift card does not allow purchases in dollars and vice versa.

Finally, gift cards cannot be reloaded, returned, or exchanged for cash or other cards.

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