Google Home: how to factory reset

Your google home it no longer pairs with your smartphone or you have trouble doing it. You are experiencing connection problems, commands are running late, the speaker is no longer responding as it was at first. Or you decide to sell the speaker after a few months of use. Knowing that Google Home is now shoulder to shoulder with Apple’s Home Pod and other Amazon Echo. In any of these cases, factory reset speaker may be necessary.

Google Home, Google Home mini: How to Factory Restore

If you have a problem with your Google Home and a few simple reboots don’t seem to fix it, try one. Reset by doing the following:

  • Press and hold the single physical button on the supplied speaker to enable or disable the microphone.
  • Hold for about five seconds. Assistant’s voice will tell you that you are about to reset Google Home.
  • Always keep the button pressed after the sound notification to perform the reset or release it immediately to cancel the operation.
  • At the top of the speaker, the LED lights will flash in succession as they rotate clockwise. The Google Home will be reset and restarted.

How to reset Google Home Mini

Resetting the Google Home Mini is just as simple. Here, too, a long press of a button is sufficient. The only difference is that it is not as visible as in the larger enclosure.

  • Turn the Google Home Mini upside down with the rubber support surface facing you.
  • Identify the small clickable button just below, in line with the USB power port.
  • Press and hold the button for a few seconds until the Google Home Mini resets. The wizard will first notify you that you are about to reset the device.

Once your Google Home or Google Home Mini has been restored to factory settings, you will need to reconfigure it as you did when using it for the first time, if you plan to use it again after it has been reset.

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