Google Find: How to get 100% of Android location network features

Google find my device

During Google I/O 2023, Google officially introduced the “Find My Device” network or Find My Device network in Molière language. Similar to what Apple currently offers with its Airtags, this device allows you to: Find and secure your Android device (On Android 9.0 or above) it may be lost and if necessary, delete all the data it contains.

Find My Device also offers additional features. Find your device and accessories even when they’re offlineNegative. By default, your Android smartphone stores the latest locations encrypted with Google and participates in the Find My Device network. Indeed, just like Apple, Find my device It uses information from all nearby Android devices to track down your lost smartphone. Provided that users have previously activated this function on their respective devices.

This way, your device will be able to use its current location if it’s online, an up-to-date and encrypted location since its last connection, or an encrypted location from other nearby Android devices. First deployed in the United States and Canada in early April 2024. Find My Device is currently available on the Google Play Store in France. In this article, we will see together how we can use its full potential.

Google find my deviceGoogle find my device

3 Ways to Use Find My Device

Find devices offline

There are several options you can use to locate a lost device by going to the Find My Device app or via the web version of the service (you’ll need to sign in with your Google account). First of all, in the list you will find your smartphone as well as the different accessories that you can connect to your device.

Once you’ve selected the device you want, you’ll be able to:

  • ring
  • Secure the device
  • Restore the device to factory settings

Once you secure the device, your smartphone will be instantly locked with its code, pattern or password when logging out of your account. It is clear that localization is still possible.

Google find my deviceGoogle find my device

As for the last option, it is primarily aimed at stolen devices. Allows for a good reason delete all data stored on your device (provided it’s still online). On the other hand, its location will no longer be available… Remember that Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro owners have a significant advantage. Thanks to the Tensor 3 SoC, Both devices can be located even if they are turned off or the battery is dead.

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Google find my deviceGoogle find my device

Track your favorite objects via compatible Bluetooth trackers

Like Apple with AirTags, Find My Device lets you: Find traces of your favorite objects (and not just your smartphone) using compatible Bluetooth trackers. Chipolo already offers One Point (a connected key fob) and Card Point (a connected card), two trackers designed to take advantage of the Find My Device network.

The Peebleblee brand also plans to launch various accessories compatible with Find My Device on May 27, 2024. Three different formats will be offered: tag, keychain and card. Note that all of these accessories will be compatible with the unknown tracking alert functionality that Google is launching in July 2023. It is obvious that other manufacturers such as Motorola, Jio or Eufy will also join this dance.

Google find my deviceGoogle find my device

Share and manage devices

With Find My Device it is also possible to: allow a friend or family member access to surveillance of a device equipped with a tracker. For example, it’s useful if you share keys with a roommate, luggage with a travel companion, or car keys with your spouse. It is possible to share your accessories in total. Maximum 10 people. Each of them will be able to access the location of the device at any time via the application or web portal.

The steps to follow are:

  • In the Find My Device application, choose accessory you want to share
  • Press now Share device
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions Send invitations by text, email or Quick Share

Google find my deviceGoogle find my device

Your recipient will have 24 hours to decide whether to accept the invitation directly from the Find My Device app. Once this is done there is just one little thing left to do. You will still need it in the app Confirm sharing by clicking on the relevant accessory and Settings. Then select your friend/family member and confirm the transaction. Of course, the device owner will be able to stop sharing at any time from the application and the Settings tab of the relevant device.

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