Google Chrome, Firefox: How to enable enhanced spell checker?

Do you have a shell phobia? A spell checker can be a contest that cannot be ignored. All browsers have one. They are based on a vocabulary dictionary that allows you to check the correct syntax of the words you enter. Open Google ChromeIt is possible to strengthen the basic tool with improved spell checker.

You may not notice a big difference from the default spell checker, but the enhanced version is the same as the Google office suite apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms) as well as the built-in spell checker in the search engine. Therefore, you benefit from the same recommendations. Technically, what you type is sent to Google’s servers first, then typos or misspelled words are underlined and more relevant correction suggestions are offered with a right-click.

How to Enable Advanced Spell Checker in Google Chrome

  • Click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and then Settings
  • Scroll down the page, click Advanced Settings
  • In the privacy and security section, ” Use a web service to fix typos “.
Enable Google Chrome Advanced Spell Checker

As you can see just below the option, it says that this smarter spell checker sends what you type in the browser to Google. Therefore, the feature must be enabled on purpose.

Chrome, Firefox: install an advanced spell checker

For take advantage of a more complete spell checkerby correcting not only spelling mistakes but also grammar, custom extension. Whether you’re on Google Chrome or Firefox, grammar it is one of the best extensions available in this category.

This extension is very useful for identify careless mistakes and typos in your emails, online documents, important messages posted on social networks, live chats, etc. The tool combines a complete dictionary of the French language, as well as a conjugator, a lexicographer and a typographic error detector.

Once the extension is installed, right-click on a page or select text in the browser and hover over Grammalect. To choose “grammar correction“, a small window will open, the errors will be highlighted in different colors depending on their nature, and finally select the text to see the suggested fix. You can decide whether to apply it based on relevance. It is just a decision support tool. Do not take suggestions as usual.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Grammalecte is an offline tool. Your entries are processed locally and are not sent to the publisher’s servers. A positive point for those who value privacy.

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