Gmail: Our 14 tips and tricks to better use the mailbox on Android

It’s pretty simple for almost anyone with an Android device to have a Gmail account. And sometimes we end up using this mailbox as the default mailbox. The Android app is already pretty good, but we’ve decided to share some tips with you to make your experience even more enjoyable.

Our 10 tips and tricks to better use Gmail on Android

Quickly select multiple messages

We’ll start with a very simple usage, but this is what many users overlook: the possibility to quickly and easily select several messages for archiving or deletion, for example.

In Gmail, by default, a small color chip or contact photo appears next to your message. Instead of holding down a message, simply press this button to quickly select group messages!


Delete contact photos to make more text appear

In Gmail, the app displays the sender’s contact photo, which is practical, but the problem is that it takes up space and therefore the preview of the email is shorter. luckily we can remove this image to get a preview of the longer post.

  • go to gmail
  • Click on the 3 bars in the top left and then go to “Settings”
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  • Tap on “General Settings” and then uncheck “Sender Image”.



Set the style of your message

The web version of Gmail gives you access to basic tools for formatting the text of your message. But did you know that you can also access it on mobile? To do this, press and hold a word in your message and select the “Format” option.


When you select it, a new toolbar will appear, allowing you to bold, italicize the text and even change the color and background of the text.


ignore messages

Although Gmail is primarily an email client, it also has some useful features for long conversations. If this is your work address and you find yourself copying a chat or your grandma only uses her address to send long PowerPoint threads that are supposed to be fun, don’t forget the “Ignore” function to mute them. spam messages


Create a widget to always keep an eye on your mailbox

Creating a simple and effective Gmail widget ensures it’s always in front of you without having to open your mailbox. For this a long press desktop > widget > Gmail and that’s it. You can then give it the size you want.

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Add an attachment directly from Google Drive

A useful feature add an attachment directly from Drive. In other words, if you synchronize your computer and important files on Drive, you can easily send them from your Android smartphone, which is very practical and fast.

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To do this, when composing a new email, press the paperclip in the upper right and then “Add from Drive”.

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Consolidate your mailboxes

Gmail isn’t our only mailbox, luckily it’s easily merge others with Gmail. For this it is quite simple in the menu on the left, you will be able to add boxes as well as combine them to see all your messages at once.

Quick Actions

Gmail allows for quick transactions. So you can archive or delete a message by swiping right or left, you can change the function of this slide directly from the settings. The base option is on “Archive”.

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You can then select multiple messages. Keep pressing one message, then select others. You can then mark them as read or archive, or even delete them. All this can save a few minutes.


Gmail lets you choose the exact time your messages sync with your other mailboxes. To do this, go to “Settings”, from there click on one of the accounts available to you, then “Number of days to sync” and select the number of days.


You should know that Gmail can do really sensitive searches. In addition to typing a keyword, you can also type a date. For example, if you are looking for a message after February 24, you should type “after:2016/02/24”. you will find all List made by Google at this address.

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Mute a conversation

If you’re on vacation, for example, you don’t want to see your boss’s emails, but you do want to see your other emails. enough for this mute speech. Go to Gmail, click the 3 little dots in the top right of your email conversation with the contact, then click “Ignore”.

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To return the chat to its normal state, go to the left menu and then select the conversation in the “Ignore” category and change its state.

“Auto Advance” function

When you make a list of emails in the morning, the problem is that when you delete one, Gmail brings you back to the conversations list instead of going to the next message. Fortunately, it is possible to change this. Go to settings and then “Forward automatically”, from there you can change the function.

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Teach Gmail to sort your mail

Gmail is a smart mailbox, but sometimes you need to train it a little. For example, sometimes an important email can be found in Spam and vice versa. For Show Gmail you made a mistake, just go to that email and change the importance of the message. To do this, go to the email, then press the 3 little dots in the top right and then either “Mark as important” or “Report as spam”. From there, Gmail will fix its error in the future.

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Use machine learning

This follows a good ranking with Gmail. When you feel that your mailbox is recognizing the important messages from secondary messages correctly, do not hesitate to switch your mailbox to “priority” mode.

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This mod uses everything it learns about your reading habits to give you priority messages that you find really interesting. To enable it, go to Settings > your gmail address > Inbox type and select “Priority”.


We hope these tips will be useful to you. If you have others, feel free to share them in the comments.

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