Gmail: How to enable Google two-step verification

To strengthen your security on Android, we recommend enabling two-step verification. It’s a way to make sure no one can log into your Google account and Gmail inbox.

At the end of March, we discovered that a million Gmail accounts have been threatened by a government attack since 2012. A good reason to strengthen the security of your account, and this is quite possible thanks to an option offered by two-step verification. Google but not everyone uses it.

With two-step verification enabled, your Gmail account will be protected and secure across all Google services as your password alone will no longer be sufficient to log in. You will also need to enter a code sent via SMS to your smartphone, as when making an online transaction with a credit card. With dual authentication, double the security of your account.

As you can imagine a little preliminary manipulation is required to enable this added security, here is the procedure to follow.

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How to enable two-step authentication on your PC

  • Meet this addressclick using your desktop browser ” To start “ and sign in your Google account
  • Enter your phone number and choose which method you want to receive the verification code
gmail verification
  • Enter the code that came with the phone and click ” Follow “
  • click “Giving Opportunity” to verify two-step verification
enable gmail

Then enable two-step verification on your smartphone

  • Meeting in this link using your desktop browser
  • click “Use the app”
gmail verification android
  • Check the box corresponding to your mobile operating system, and then ” To continue “
  • Download and install the application “Google Authenticator for Android”

Google Play

  • Launch the application and then click on it. “Start Installation”
google authentication
  • choose option “Scan barcode” then scan the code displayed on your PC screen using your smartphone
  • Enter the code you received on your phone, then confirm by entering your password and the code displayed on your phone screen, and reconnect to your Google account.

How to Generate Backup Codes

As you now understand, you will need your phone to connect to Google services on a PC, so it might be a good idea to create backup codes that will allow you to connect when you can’t connect. to use your phone. To do this, all you have to do is go at this address. Note that you can also add a secondary phone number.

emergency code

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