Gmail: how to activate the Google Workspace interface on the web version for free

Normally, Google Workspace is a paid service With subscription offers ranging from € 4.68 for the cheapest version, € 9.36 per month for the Business Starter version and € 15.60 for the Business Plus version. Formerly known as a “G Suite subscription,” Google Workspace is for businesses of any size. Idea Offer more options and services that support teamwork to hold meetings, keep track of work, or collaborate.

All Google Workspace plans include a personalized email address with your business domain name. However, on June 14, 2021, Google “All of Google Workspace is available to anyone with a Google Account“. This does not include purchasing a domain name, but It becomes possible to activate the Google Workspace interface in Gmail. Change is not automatic, but we explain everything to you in this tutorial.

How to enable Gmail’s new Google Workspace interface?

It’s easy to activate the new Google Workspace interface in Gmail (web), provided you know the right steps:

  • Go to the cog wheel in the top right, just to the left of your avatar
  • click Show all parameters
  • go to tab Discussions and video conferences
  • enable option Google Chat

It is this setting that switches your Gmail account to the Google Workspaces interface. Google Chat will now completely replace Google Hangouts. The new Google Chat focuses on most of the functionality of Google Workspaces. It is more practical, offers more clarity, but also provides more options for team collaboration within the suite of office applications in the Google cloud.

  • press on Save Changes

A wizard is then displayed. Follow it to discover everything that’s changed with the new Workspace interface: Google Chat instead of Hangouts, and three new “Discussions”, “Lounges” and “Video Conferences” sections in the left column, along with other new features.

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