Getting Windows 10 Updates Early with Windows Insider

After the release of Windows 8, Microsoft’s administrators must have known that the user’s patience was running out. The company had spent nearly three years developing a new operating system that some users didn’t like. The only major update Microsoft released for Windows 8 contained only small steps to address complaints. For the next major release of Windows, it would have to rethink how new features and upgrades get into the hands of the user. Updates were supposed to arrive faster for regular users as well. The Windows Insider Program was born. Thanks to the program, anyone can get Windows 10 updates early.

The program works by providing bold direct access to power users and Windows upgrades that are not available to everyone. Users regularly receive new features and software upgrades – sometimes several times a week. Over time, Microsoft takes and bundles all the new features and fixes that users are testing through the Windows Insider Program. It only sends them to regular users who want a stable and smooth working computer. Everyone gets something without editing. Enthusiasts get access to new things before anyone else, and Microsoft gains invaluable data on how new changes affect users.

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Here’s how to get Windows 10 updates early with the Windows Insider program.

Getting Windows 10 Updates Early with Windows Insider: Understanding the Program

The Windows Insider Program is Microsoft’s way of getting real-world information about feature changes. Thanks to the program, the company is able to make changes to Windows fast enough for these new annual releases. Getting Windows 10 Updates Early with Windows Insider (16)

Microsoft teams add new features and then test them internally. When they determine that they have nothing serious, they send it to Windows Insider Program participants for testing and evaluation. The Insider Program collects crash data and information about your system. When you have feedback for Microsoft, their team can refine your hardware configuration. “Test” can mean anything you want. Microsoft does not require users to submit feedback or recommend features to continue receiving new downloads from the Windows Insider Program.

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The new features come in three forms. Teams working on apps within Microsoft sometimes make newer versions of their apps available to Windows Insider Program members before making them publicly available. Users have access to smaller cumulative updates that bundle fixes before users outside the program get their hands on them.

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Finally, there are all OS updates, or what Microsoft calls “builds”. The new Windows 10 Builds are what you can expect to get the most. They act as a complete OS upgrade. Your apps, programs, and files will remain installed, but Windows 10 will be reinstalled. New Builds take time to load, require large file downloads, and can break core features.

Getting Windows 10 Updates Early with Windows Insider: Joining the Program

To join the program, read the details and enroll in the program here. You will need your Microsoft Account username and password. Both must be the same Microsoft Account you use on your Windows 10 laptop, desktop or tablet.

Just because you’re enrolled in the program doesn’t mean you’ll start receiving builds right away. You have to register your PC specifically for the program.

How to Get Early Windows 10 Updates with Windows Insider: Getting Updates

Press Windows press on your keyboard or click the Windows logo to the left of your Taskbar.

Tap or click now Settings The cog in the lower left corner of the Start Menu/Start Screen.

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Within settings, tap or click on Update and Security.

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Tap or click now Windows Insider Program option in the left menu.

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Here you should see the Microsoft Account username that you joined the Windows Insider Program with. If you do, tap or click To start.

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Click or tap on Next.

How to Get Early Windows 10 Updates on Windows Insider (6)

Click or tap on To approve If you are sure you want to get Windows 10 updates on your computer early. Your computer will be updated and you will need to reboot.

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Replacing the Rings

You’ll get your first Windows 10 updates early in a few days. You have some control over which upgrades you get and how they affect your computer. Go back to the Windows Insider area in your Settings app for program options.

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How soon and how often you get new features depends on which “Ring” you place your computer in. Anyone who joins the Windows Insider Program is thrown into what Microsoft calls the Release Preview Ring. This ring has updates that Microsoft believes are ready for public release. They have the least number of bugs and pristine features.

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The Slow Ring allows you to receive updates more frequently from the Release Preview Ring, but this frequency of updates carries more risks. The features you care about may be corrupted.

Fast Ring is the fastest Windows Insider Program members can get early Windows 10 updates. This ring can be brutal. For builds published on Fast Ring, there is always a list of running errors; Some builds that users in this ring get break essential parts of Windows. It is basically Microsoft’s Work In Progress ring. While the swaps are great, users regularly get new app updates and features.

You can stop receiving Windows 10 updates early by tapping or clicking the icon. Stop Insider Preview Builds Press the button in the Windows Insider Program settings area. Going back to the version of Windows 10 that needs to be installed on your computer can be a bit of a hassle. You need to restore from a backup disk or System Image you created.

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Have fun with early Windows 10 updates.