Get iOS 7 Parallax Effect on iOS 6 with Jailbreak Tweak

A nifty feature in iOS 7 is the parallax effect, which makes the home screen appear 3D as the background moves relative to your phone’s position. Many people like it, but as we discovered, many users do not like it. However, if you are one of those users who loves the parallax effect but has not updated to iOS 7, there is a jailbreak tweak that brings the effect to iOS 6.

The tweak is called DeepEnd, which we briefly mentioned in the past. It’s outdated for iOS 7 users, but iOS 6 users can still take advantage of the tweak and bring the parallax effect to their home screen.

As mentioned, this is a jailbreak tweak, so your iOS 6 device must be jailbroken before installing the tweak. If you’re not jailbroken but want to be, we have a guide to walk you through the process.

You also need to have an iPhone 4 or newer (and iPod touch 4G and newer) because the tweak uses the gyroscope to bring you the parallax effect. iPhone 4 supports iOS 7, but we know there are some people who still want to stick with iOS 6 for various reasons. Either way, users with an iPhone 3GS or older don’t need to apply.

DeepEnd is not available in the default list of Cydia sources, so you will need to add a new repo to Cydia ( to get the tweak. To do this, open Cydia and tap the tab. Next, go to that repo web address and type. Once added, you can search for “DeepEnd” and install it without any problems.

Deep End

Once installed, you’ll be able to change the zoom, pitch, and roll of the effect using the sliders to get it exactly how you want it – a feature the native parallax effect in iOS 7 doesn’t offer.

3DBoard is another jailbreak tweak that can add a parallax effect to iOS 6 devices, but it costs a few dollars and doesn’t have as many settings as DeepEnd, but has a single switch that lets you turn the effect on or off. off, whereas DeepEnd requires you to turn off all three sliders to disable the feature.

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