Galaxy S8 Always On Display Hide Home Button

This quick guide explains how to hide the home button and always-on screen on the Galaxy S8. AOD is a small screen area that stays open 24/7 even when the screen is off, sharing important information and notifications. However, the home button is also always on this screen and that doesn’t look all that good.

Whether you’re worried about screen burn-in or just want a cleaner look on the always-on display, removing it quickly is the easiest option.

There are many options and customization options for the Always On display. In fact, one of them lets you choose how the home button works and whether you want to see the home button. You don’t need any 3rd party apps or anything to get rid of the home button. Here’s how.

Galaxy S8 Always On Display Hide Home Button

  1. Pull down the notification bar and press the button
  2. find and select
  3. Scroll down and tap on
  4. Tap and select

When following the instructions above, be sure to tap Always On Display instead of selecting the toggle switch. This way, you get into the real Always On Display settings menu full of options and controls.

From here, just select the content you want to see. Samsung offers owners a wide variety of options for calendar, clock or background. Then you can tap on the first option to choose what is actually shown on the screen.

Select ‘Content to show’ and make sure you select Time or info and not the home button. You will no longer see the burn or home button on the screen. Note that the virtual home button still works even when the screen is off. You just don’t see it. You can continue to wake up your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ quickly if you press where it will be. Before you go, check out these common Galaxy S8 problems and how to fix them.

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