Galaxy Note 4: CyanogenMod 12 available, how to install it!

necessary CyanogenMod 12 available For the Galaxy Note 4 for a few hours. So all CM 12 lovers will be able to enjoy it in their precious phablets waiting for it. We will remind you of the procedure you must follow to enjoy it on your proud machine without worry.

Recall that CyanogenMod is one of the most well-known alternative ROMs in the world. While most hackers generally prefer other operating systems, they have a large community that supports it, as well as a philosophy. Closer to Android Stockor the original experience of the operating system as considered by Google.

  • Transfer Zip Files (CM12 and Google Apps) on your smartphone.
Galaxy Note 4 with Cyanogen Mod 12
  • Restart your Galaxy Note 4 as follows: Recovery Mode (Press Home + Volume Up + Power keys simultaneously).
  • When the device restarts in Recovery. To do Delete System factory reset.
  • To do wipe cache partition.
  • To do wipe dalvik cache (increasingly Developed depending on the Recovery used).
  • To apply Install zip from sd card.
  • Then select the file corresponding to CM12 and then verify.
  • Do the same with Google Apps.
  • then just reboot device and enjoy the work!

To you the pleasures of CyanogenMod, this system is very different from Touchwiz. You’ll probably notice very quickly. much better autonomybecause the system by default got rid of many processes of the first system designed by Samsung.

It also becomes possible customize many aspects of the interface but we let you explore it alone like adults. And don’t forget to share many tips for the Moyens I/O community on the forums to come to your aid and better enjoy everyday life with your Galaxy Note 4.

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