Fresh Start Kodi v17 Krypton to Remove Kodi Builds

If you are new to Kodi or just want the best addons and enhancements on Kodi, various Kodi builds are the right way to go. However, poor performance, old or dead addons, etc., on modest devices like Kodi builds, sticks and TV boxes. It can cause various problems such as Unfortunately, there is no native way to restart Kodi or remove a build and get Kodi. to its default state. While waiting for a reset option in Kodi v17 Krypton this did not happen. After saying this, there is a pretty easy way to remove a Kodi build and start Kodi fresh:

note: We use Kodi v17 Krypton on Windows 10 PC for the process, but it should be the same on most devices running Kodi.

We will be using the Fusion repository for the process and you can skip the first 4 steps if you have added it as source on Kodi.

1. First open Kodi and Settings icon on the main page.

2. Then, “File Manager” on the Kodi Settings page.

Kodi Krypton File Manager SettingsKodi Krypton File Manager Settings

3. In Kodi File Manager, double click on “.Add source“.

Kodi Krypton File Manager Add Source

4. On the Add File Source page, “None” and change it to “”. Next, name the resource”Fusion” or whatever you want.

Kodi Krypton New Resource

5. Once the Fusion source has been added, go to the home page in Kodi and click “Additions“. On the Plugins page, “Plugin Browser” icon.

Kodi Krypton Addon Browser Icon

7. Then, “Install from zip file“.

Installing Kodi Krypton from ZIP

8. Then, from the available sources “Fusion“. From now on, “start here” file. Here, “ the Fresh Start plugin to the ” file. Then you should get a message that the plugin has been activated.

Fresh Start Kodi Krypton

11. Next, navigate to: Plugins page click again andProgram Add-ons“. Here, run it “New Start” plugin.

Kodi Krypton Program Addons

12. Next, you should get a prompt to confirm that you really want to restore your Kodi configuration to default settings. Choose “Yes“.

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Once complete, your Kodi configuration should be reset and the Kodi build you installed will be removed. you will have to reboot your system or restart Kodi for the changes to take effect.

Reset Kodi Krypton

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Fresh Start Kodi v17 “Krypton” to Remove Kodi Builds

Well, it’s a shame that the all-powerful Kodi doesn’t include an option to reset settings. Fortunately, the method mentioned above allows you to do this with ease. Sure, there are a few steps, but it’s all pretty simple once you do it. So, if you want to remove Kodi builds or just want to reset Kodi, you can do that by freshly launching Kodi. If you have any doubts or know of a better method to just start Kodi, let us know in the comments section below.

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