Facebook Messenger: How To Disable Message Read Receipt

Knowing when your message was received and read by your recipient makes messaging apps more interesting if not hassle-free. However, from one user to another, the concepts of factors that improve their experience on social networks differ. By default, Facebook does not allow turn off message read receipt. However, it is possible to do this using circuitous routes.

How to Disable Receiving Messages Read on Facebook

Read messages without mentioning ” seen It’s easy with Facebook reporter on smartphones. But if you read the messages from the web version, it gets a little more complicated. Here’s how to disable read receipts in both cases.

In Facebook Messenger (Android or iOS) from a smartphone

To read a Facebook message from a smartphone without reading confirmation, simply disconnect from the Internet in advance by disabling WiFi and 4G or putting yourself in airplane mode. Then you can read the message. However the method only works if you close the app before restoring the internet connection.

In other words, you have to disappear by dragging the speech circle (with the addressee profile icon) on the main screen of the smartphone. But that’s not all. Go to the recently opened apps menu and swipe left to turn off the Facebook Messenger instance.

From web browser

On a computer, using the method described above to read Facebook messages is not possible without seeing the mention. We should turn to an extension that does what it promises very well, i.e. blocks read receipts of messages. All you have to do is install the extension. All configurations are already done by default. extension in Google Chrome” invisible for facebook “. in Firefox” FB Invisible “.

Once installed, a blue icon appears in the upper right corner of the browser. By clicking on it, you can activate other features that the module offers. Like disabling the typing indicator when typing a message, the last time you logged in, or even the acknowledgment.

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