Facebook: How to send GIFs with Messenger

After the last F8 conference devoted to the latest news from Facebook, the famous blue network has formalized the possibility of using third-party applications within Messenger. In fact, the messaging app is equipped with: almost endless possibilities Like extensions in Chrome and Firefox. A new era is beginning.

So the basic Talking Tom is part of this first batch app for Messenger, but today instead,send animated picturesGIFs or even original memes.

The application, which has 500 million active users, offers to interact with its people in a different way. new entertainment possibilitieswhile paving a new way for developers to deliver the future must-have extension to Messenger. This is a win-win service offered as the blue social network already offers by hosting many apps itself.


  • have Latest version of Messenger Installed on Android smartphone.

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How to send GIFs with Messenger

  • Launch the Messenger app.
  • Click three vertical dots It’s under the Messenger app.
Messenger, send GIF
  • A new menu opens for you, you can scroll whenever you want.
Messenger, list of apps
  • In our case choose your app, GIPHY (but GIFs do the same thing) and Memes.
  • Redirecting to the Play Store is done wherever possible.install the app.
Messenger is installing an app
  • Back to Messenger.
  • Inside reopen the menu with three vertical dots it looks like the app is loaded.
  • Click on it to start.
  • good luck to yousend any type of picture to your contacts only those who expect (or do not expect) it.
Messenger, Meme

With this new possibility, we only at the beginning of the allowed possibilities By application and now it’s up to the developers to push their limits. After the ability to pay friends, this is a new step for Messenger. Now that you have tried this new feature extensively, what do you think? Comments are waiting for you.

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