Facebook: how to disable video autoplay

Can’t navigate news feed Facebook 30 seconds without falling into a video. We see all kinds. And by default, the choice is not left to the user to initiate the reading of his own free will. Not everyone appreciates the experience, aside from the fact that audio accompanies autoplay by default. If you’re one of those who bother, this is it disable autoplay have a zen spirit.

Disable Facebook Video Autoplay

For the mobile version, the process has changed a bit according to Facebook updates. Here’s how to do this to disable video autoplay on Android:

  • Tap the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner
  • Scroll down the page, tap the arrow next to it Settings and privacy to open the menu
  • press on Settings and scroll down
  • under section media and contactstap the option with the same name just below it, then autoplay on the screen that appears
Facebook Autoplay
  • By default it is set to “autoplay”. mobile data and Wi-Fi connections “. Enable option Never autoplay videos To turn off autoplay or only choose Wi-Fi if you’re more concerned about the impact of videos on data.

Disable autoplay of videos from the web version of Facebook

On PC the way is different and simpler. To disable autoplay:

  • Click the top, rightmost arrow, then Settings
  • In the left menu, click Video all the way down
  • Click the dropdown menu next to Autoplay videos and set the option as No.
Disable facebook web autoplay

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