Facebook: how to delete your search history

The security of our data has become very important to many of us. Various mass surveillance scandals and other hacks are helping, users are increasingly trying to protect themselves. For example, it is data well used by social networks, brands and even thugs. In fact, 78% of thieves spy on you on Facebook and Twitter. You can also delete your call history if the security settings need to protect your data..

A simple and fast operation allows you to delete your search history from Facebook

Your every move is recorded by Facebook, including any searches you make through special search engines. If Facebook makes this history accessible only to that user, some of you will still want to delete it. Indeed, there is a way to delete all this history.. Here’s how, I made it myself.

First thing you need to do Click on the “Personal History” tab located at the bottom right of your cover image (see photo above). When you come to the relevant page, you will click on the “more” option in the left column just below the “comments”. Once this is done, click the “search” button and you will get your entire search history.

At the top of the page, you will see the search icon and “Clear searches”. As you can see, it is enough to click on it before confirming it by saying “Delete searches” again. That’s it, in other words a simple and fast process. In a way, this is our main motive, but avoid disclosing important personal information on various social networks. Also note that Yahoo just removed the ID via Facebook or Google. Will you delete your Facebook search history?

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