Facebook: 11 tips to know

Know how to use facebook is importantis the place of sharing. However, we do not want everyone to have access to all of our personal information. Here are our tips and tricks for effectively taking control of the world’s most popular social network.

1. Facebook: cleaning your news feed

If you have a lot of friends on Facebook, sometimes your wall can be flooded with news you don’t want to see (cat photos, for example!). However, this does not mean that you will remove that person from your friend list (unless that is your intention). In this case all you have to do is go to this person’s wall, then:

  • Click “Subscribe”
  • Scroll down and click “Unsubscribe…”.
unsubscribe from facebook

Here is the cleaning done!

2. Share a photo album

You went on vacation with friends and you want to create a joint album where everyone can add their photos. All you have to do is add them as contributors to the album. Here’s how:

  • Go to the album in question and click “revert to a shared album”

facebook album sharing
  • Include the names of contributors. Note that predefined contacts appear automatically in the album. You can delete them and/or add others and authorize or not add friends as contributors. Moreover manage album privacy from this window

Add contributors to Facebook album

3. Add milestones to your Timeline

For some reason, you may want to add an important event (present or past) to your Timeline, such as adopting a pet or a new job. all you have to do

  • Go to your wall and select “Important event”
  • Choose your event category

facebook milestone event
  • Select or create your event

facebook event

4. Subscribe to notifications from a broadcast

You are interested in a post published on the social network, but you want to follow it secretly without having to comment. All you have to do is:

  • Click on the top right corner of the post
  • Select “Enable notifications for this post”
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Follow Facebook post

5. Call your friends for free

Facebook lets you do all sorts of things, including calling your friends. But for voice calls, you will have to go through Facebook Messenger, which offers voice and video calls on PC and mobile devices (the social network without Messenger offers video calls on PC only). Therefore the best solution

  • Download and launch the Facebook Messenger app on your mobile phone or go to: Web site using your computer. If you do not have the application on your smartphone yet, you can download it from the Play Store by clicking the link below:

Google Play

  • Open a chat with the person you want to call or go to an ongoing chat
  • Click the “Camera” icon to start a video call or the “Phone” icon to start a voice call.

facebook voice search

So this is a very interesting option that will often be very useful to you. For example, imagine that you are on the bus and you come across a video that you absolutely want to see, or an article that you absolutely want to read, but silently and preferably on the big screen, and you know you will find it difficult to read. Find it in your news feed. It’s okay because the social network has been around for several months. save links to see them later. Here’s how:

  • Click on the top right corner of the post you want to save
  • Choose “Save Video”

save facebook video
  • Or “Save link”

save facebook links
  • Then find all your saved links neatly arranged on the left

facebook link backup

And if you want to download Facebook videos directly to your smartphone, feel free to refer to our previous tutorial.

7. Facebook: download a copy of their data

Facebook allows you to: download all content that we make available on social network, images, videos and even our statuses. The social network also communicates about the collected personal data. This may seem intimidating at first to some people, let’s see how to proceed with downloading our personal data.

  • Click on the small downward arrow (top right)
  • Go to settings”
  • Click “Download a copy” at the bottom
facebook download copy

social network later create archiveYou will need to be patient for it to download, as it will depend on the number of data you send to Facebook.

8. Facebook: Make sure no one is watching your account

You may be accessing your account as follows:Other devices and we inadvertently forget to disconnect. If such a situation arises, there is a solution to disconnect remote sessions without even changing your account password, here is the procedure to follow.

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  • Go to the “Security and connectivity” section in the settings.
  • In the “Your connections” section, you can disconnect an existing session by clicking the 3 little dots on the right.
facebook logins

It is also very valuable to take advantage of this feature in case your smartphone is stolen and unlocked.

9. Facebook: identify your heir

One day or another everyone will leave this world and these things are unpredictable, Facebook made some adjustments so that when the time comes, we can appoint an heir to be responsible for the management of our Facebook account. Like the others, it’s not too complicated.

  • In the general settings, the “Refugee account” box allows you to define your “heir”.
facebook heir

Then, on the day we pass from life to death, our account will be managed by the designated person after we switch to “Remembrance” as Facebook states.

10. Facebook: update your profile via SMS

X or Y for any reason; We may not be able to access the internet. In this situation, text messages can be used as a spare tire to keep updating their profile and receive message notifications.

  • In the settings, follow the instructions in the “Mobile” section.
facebook mobile sms

Surely this trick won’t be very useful at a time when data envelopes are generous, but under certain circumstances it may prove to be vital.

11. Facebook: filter out unwanted ads

Lets you control Mark Zuckerberg’s social network showing ads. Targeting isn’t always very effective if ads annoy us or we unintentionally click on a campaign that doesn’t interest us, here’s the procedure to follow.

  • Go to “Advertising” in settings and follow the instructions
facebook ad

It is admirable that Facebook has integrated this possibility into its service. We’ll have to see if this is effective in practice.