Downloading New Apps Directly to App Library in iOS 14

The App Library is probably the highlight of iOS 14, along with the Home screen widgets and the awesome back-tap feature. The best part about this brand new feature is the ability to automatically organize apps into different categories like social, entertainment, and creativity. for quick access. When you download new apps, they appear not only on the home screen, but also in the App Library (in the recently added section). However, if you don’t like cluttering the home screen with loads of apps, in iOS 14 you can choose to download new apps directly to the App Library.

Download New Apps Directly to App Library on iPhone Running iOS 14

Personally, I prefer to keep the home screen clean by hiding apps or putting them in different folders. With iOS 14, which offers a fairly simple way to organize apps, I no longer need to create app folders.

The App Library also provides quick access to apps so there’s no point in showing them on the home screen. It’s a pretty simple yet effective way to keep the home screen from cluttering up. Let me show you this nifty little feature does it!

1. Start Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Tap now. Main monitor.

Select Home Screen

3. Under New App Downloads section, select Application Library Only.

Select Application Library only

That is all! Going forward, new apps will be automatically downloaded to the App Library on your iOS 14 device. If you want to change this behavior, follow the same steps and then Add to Home Screen option at the end.

Use App Library to Keep Home Screen Clean

So, you can use Apple Library to keep your device’s home screen organized. While it may seem like a minor feature, I find it quite useful. You might also appreciate that if you prefer to have a clean-looking home screen.

After rigorous beta testing, iOS 14 will be officially available next month. Apart from being feature-rich, the latest iteration of iOS has also improved privacy by introducing a host of privacy-centric features such as disabling tracking, restricting apps from accessing local networks, and even stopping apps from having access. exact location.

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If you’re running the iOS 14 beta, let us know how it went for you. If not, are you excited? Let us know in the comments below.