Deleting the Apple Watch App from Your Home Screen

The iOS 8.2 update installs an Apple Watch app on your iPhone. We will show you the closest way to delete the Apple Watch app without jailbreaking your iPhone.

You cannot completely delete the Apple Watch App from your iPhone, but you can hide it without pasting it behind a folder. This isn’t a perfect solution because you’ll still see the Apple Watch app listed in Spotlight search, but it looks like a small app so shouldn’t push too many users to the limit of available storage.

Here’s how you can hide but not delete the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. This works on iOS 8.2 and any iPhone model.

You have to do this every time you restart the iPhone and there is a chance that Apple will fix this method in the future. A simpler solution is to move it to the second page of a folder you are using. This hides the Apple Watch app so it doesn’t show up when you restart your iPhone.

  1. To use this method to delete the Apple Watch app from your home screen, save a .
  2. and you have successfully deleted the Apple Watch app from your home screen.

This is as close as possible to deleting the Apple Watch app on iPhone.

When you restart iPhone, the Apple Watch app returns to your home screen wherever there is space. If you want a more permanent solution to remove the Apple Watch app from your home screen, you can follow these instructions.

If you don’t already have a folder on your iPhone. This creates a folder. Now . This will not reset when you restart your iPhone and you won’t see it unless you tap and swipe the folder.

It would be great if Apple didn’t install the Apple Watch app until you bought it, but the company has a history of adding stock Apple apps to the iPhone. This isn’t an ad for the Apple Watch, but it’s Apple’s easy way to get more people wondering what it is and what it can do.

The app to install apps on phones is common to Apple and Google. Many Android devices have folders of carrier apps that are installed when you first turn on the phone.

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