Converting Word Document to PDF File

The PDF format has become the standard for document sharing. It has the advantage of being clear and easy to read on all operating systems. You can be sure to preserve the formatting and layout of the original document as well. Following our tutorial on how to convert a PDF file to Word to modify, here are the methods convert word document to pdf file easily.

Word to PDF conversion: the Microsoft Office method

If you have created a file in docx format this assumes you have an Office solution or a Microsoft Office 365 subscription. This allows you to convert a Word file directly to PDF in the world’s easiest way.

  • Open the file to convert in Word
  • click File > Save As > Browse
  • Choose a location on the PC, give the file a name and Choose PDF type
Convert Word to PDF

  • Then click Save.

Convert Word to PDF with Google Docs

If you don’t have the Office suite, it’s quite possible to convert a Word document to PDF using another free solution: Google Docs. The principle is practically the same as described above. Just upload the docx file to Google Drive, open it with Google Docs. The final step Download the file by choosing PDF as the output format.

  • Open Google Drive in browser (
  • Import Word file to convert by drag and drop
  • Then open the file (it will open in Google Docs)
  • click File > Download > PDF Document.
    Download Google Docs PDF

Online solutions: on PC and smartphone

The methods described above work when on PC. To convert a Word document to PDF android, you can go through an application. But the easiest way is to use an online solution. This saves you from taking up unnecessary space with an app you’ll only use once in a migration.

Called one of the easiest sites to convert from Word to PDF SmallPDF. Just upload the file. And without doing anything, the web app automatically converts it to a .docx document. You just need to download it.

Download the converted PDF

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