Convert your Android device to iOS system

First of all, this is not the real iOS system and there will be obvious differences according to Apple’s interface. But we will try customize as many things together as possible You are free to choose for your device and the ones that interest you. If you have a few good moments ahead of you, then let’s take each step together and you will be greeted with a beautiful brand new device!

Preparation of necessary tools for transformation

As always, we’re going to put all the details together in this section so everyone can start on the same footing. essential tools and applications to achieve this transformation. I remind you that there are many ways to simulate an iOS environment or simply adapt the interface to it. Therefore, the solution presented is not the only solution available.

After completing the different steps of this tutorial, your smartphone’s interface will be as close as possible to iOS 9 without getting confused. All the apps we offer below It can be used without root and is compatible with Android Lollipop.

Converting device to iOS

In order not to get lost (it must be said that there is a lot to do), we will proceed step by step.

A Launcher

We will use free One Launcher app for launcher. This mimics the interface of iOS pretty well and gives you lots of customization options. There is no app drawer, just a desktop with all the apps and icons grouping together adopting the same look and layout as on the iPhone.

Google Play

Once the app is downloaded and installed, you just need to launch it and activate it to get this beautiful interface. And if you like it, all you have to do is make it your default launcher.

A Launcher

The resulting interface is very close to that of the iPhone, but better than that. You probably know how move icons on ios ? Well, it happened on your Android device, see:

iOS Launcher


Here it is a paying app of € 2.69, but it has the advantage of being truly complete and even closer to the IOS interface. We, for example, famous translucent stick down at the apps level, but due to a disagreement with Apple, the icons aren’t exactly the same as on IOS, but the idea is there and fluid.

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Now it looks like this:


iPhone Notifications

We will use the iNoty app to enable notifications via iPhone. Unfortunately it is not free because it is available in the Play Store for 1.70 Euros, but Notifications panel similar to iOS and is very easy to use.

Google Play

Once the app is installed, all you have to do is launch it, activate it, and then configure it as follows. It only takes a few seconds. It will also take enable in accessibility options From your smartphone, where you will be automatically redirected when you try to access your notifications by clicking on the “All” option.

iOS notifications

A notification panel similar to iOS will replace your phone. Ditto for non notification bar It has nothing in common with that of Android. Once the new notification bar and launcher are installed, you get the impression that you have an iPhone 6S.

iphone notifications

Finished. This system can be used for messages, social networks, etc. It will work for all your apps. We find out what we like about the iPhone for a received SMS. Very happy ? Let’s continue.

iPhone wallpapers and ringtones

What would the iOS 9 interface be like without wallpapers and ringtones? For wallpapers, you will need to get them directly via an iOS system or by going to wallpaper sites for iPhone/iPod/iPad. For example, you will find a full photo gallery. iOS 9 wallpapers in this link.

ios 9 wallpaper

As for ringtones, we installed the application “iPhone Ringtones” so that you can use them. If the latter didn’t work properly, find an Apple device owner who can send you the ringtones (which will likely need to be jailbroken).

Google Play

Lock screen

Now that we have gone through many interface changes, we can also plan the modification of the lock screen, The main element of the Apple operating system.

For this we will use the application Lock Screen OS 9 Phone 6 (Note that Apple has to remove the letters to avoid confrontation with the app) to download below. The lock screen is very similar to that of the latest iPhones and even supports the control center which you will set up in the next step.

Google Play

As soon as the application is launched, you activate and configure the lock screen that will come later. replace your current lock screen. Once Lockscreen OS 9 Phone 6S becomes your default lock screen, be sure to enable the passcode lock and choose a code to secure your device.

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iphone android lock screen

Here is the result. isn’t it bad

lock screen ios android

Control Center

Finally, I will show you how to make a beautiful installation. iOS style Control Center on your phone or tablet. For this we will use the Control Panel – Smart Switch application, which is available for free on the Play Store and reproduces almost identically to those found in the latest iOS terminals.

Google Play

After the application is installed, the control center can be accessed by: scrolling the screen from bottom to top, as in the iPhone. You will then have the option to enable/disable airplane mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, adjust the rotation of the screen and also the brightness of the latter and turn it into a flashlight if needed.

iphone control


All good. Your valuables should now look like an iPhone. Note that the interface is not 100% identical to iOS 9, but is as close to it as possible. Additionally, the point is only to change the appearance of the system, not the depth of the system.

You’re here to turn your Android smartphone into a beautiful iOS device. It wouldn’t be easy, but it was worth a try. No ads or even unwanted notifications will break your interface. Everything has been considered to bring you the best iOS interface on Android.

if you Have problems executing one of the steps in this tutorialIf you have questions or other tools you can suggest to improve the interface, share them with us in the comments.