Connect iPhone to TV

This guide will show you how to connect iPhone to TV wirelessly using an adapter or using Apple TV. This allows you to use your iPhone apps on a TV, play iPhone games on your TV, and watch videos on your TV.

If you’re a business user, you can use this guide to connect iPhone to TV in a meeting room to share a presentation without bringing your computer to the meeting.

You’ll need to purchase an accessory for this to work, as there’s no built-in way to connect your iPhone to a TV right out of the box.

After connecting iPhone to your TV, you can use the device to turn your TV into a smart TV with apps and Internet.

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This lets you connect to a projector, HDTV or computer monitor, and if you pair it with an external keyboard you can use it as an easy way to increase productivity on the go.

Connect iPhone to TV with HDMI

The simplest and most portable way to connect iPhone to your TV is to use an HDMI cable and a Lightning to HDMI adapter.

Connect iPhone to TV with Lightning to HDMI adapter.

Apple sells this adapter for $49 at most Apple Stores and also at Best Buy, some Radio Shack locations, and Amazon. This is how you can connect an HDMI cable to the iPhone. If you don’t buy this adapter, you won’t be able to connect the cable you need to connect it to an HDTV, projector or monitor.

Connecting iPhone to TV - 2Although there are some cheaper third-party Lightning to HDMI adapters, not many are available at the moment and they may not work if you can find them.

In addition to the adapter, you need an HDMI cable and you can find it for around $5-6. Amazon.

Plug the adapter into your iPhone and the HDMI cable into the adapter and your TV, projector or monitor; You will mirror your iPhone screen.

You can use it to show exactly what’s on your screen for the web, apps, and other options, or play your rented or owned movies on your iPhone on your TV. It’s a simple way to put Netflix and iTunes rentals on any TV, even a hotel TV when traveling.

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Wirelessly Connect iPhone to TV

The best way to connect iPhone to your TV without cables is to use Apple TV. No need to wait for the new Apple TV to do that. $69 Apple TV Supports AirPlay mirroring.

Connecting iPhone to TV - 3

While this is connected to your HDTV, you can wirelessly connect to your Apple TV and steam your screen to the TV. This also supports streaming videos and many apps.

With this option, you can also use some special games like below. SketchPartiTV Using iPhone as controller and putting the game on TV via Apple TV.

Connect iPhone to Smart TV, Xbox 360 or PS3

If you already have a Smart TV and want to stream photos, videos and music from your iPhone to that TV, there is an app that can wirelessly stream to your Smart TV, PS3 or Xbox 360.

you can download free trial of ArkMC To test with some items on your iPhone, but to actually use it, you’ll have to buy it for $4.99. ArkMC DLNA UPnP application.

Connect to the same WiFi network as your Smart TV, XBox 360 or PS3, and then you should be able to wirelessly connect the iPhone to your TV. We’ve successfully tested this with the iPhone 6s and Samsung HDTV.

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