ClashCon Live Stream: How to Watch and What to Know

Starting early this weekend, especially Saturday, October 24, the first couple ClashCon will begin. It’s a massive event where Supercell, the developers of the hit mobile game Clash of Clans, will begin promoting the next update to Clash of Clans, giving away free gear, showing players how to attack, building better bases, and even holding live tournaments. Here’s everything you need to know and how to do it live broadcast event.

We’ve been waiting for a big update for Clash of Clans for months. Then came a good update in September with lots of changes. But we still expect a big update later this month. Either right before ClashCon or shortly after it ends this weekend. Users will want to know all the details and we’ll be covering ClashCon, the update and more throughout the week.

While we’re still not sure exactly what will happen in the next big update we hear this weekend or around ClashCon, we do know what to expect from the event itself. Below are a few additional details for those who want to learn more about one of the most popular mobile games on the planet.

For starters, this morning Clash of Clans got a small “Halloween” update that changes a few things, but that’s not the big update coming later this week. So don’t worry. A small maintenance break this morning added a Halloween Cauldron (small pot of poison) that enemies have to lug around and can be removed if users wish. It costs 25,000 elixir and you will get 75k to remove it. It was Halloween Tombstones last year and I still have two that I have never removed. I collect them and Christmas trees.

Today’s update for Clash of Clans added a Halloween theme, sound and splash screen at launch, made Cauldron appear on maps, and added 1 gem boost for spell factories. However, you’re here for ClashCon and today we’re going to talk about updates.

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Clash of Clans’ servers will feature two extremely popular YouTube Clashers that many gamers are familiar with, along with multiple game developers and the company’s CEO. The hosts will be Chef Pat and Galadon. The duo will talk about everything that’s going on, livestream on the Clash website, YouTube, and livestream on Twitch.

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ClashCon officially starts on Saturday (GMT+3). For those wondering, this and those on the West Coast of the United States.

We expect the update to be one of the first things announced as soon as ClashCon starts, so an update and official announcement could be announced in the United States around 12:15 PM or 5AM ET. Most likely when the first hour will be announced, but we’ll have to wait and see. Typically there are promos on Supercell’s official forum, but nothing is showing so far. When the maintenance break begins, you’ll know it’s coming.

We will add links to the actual live stream as soon as they become available. or just Click here To watch on the Clash Website, YouTube or Twitch.

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As you can see above, the event officially starts at 12:15 PM local time or 5:15 PM ET. We expect the announcement of the update to be the main focus within the first hour and throughout the entire ClashCon event.

The CEO will take the stage with the Clash team to talk about it, explain everything, answer questions and more. Then, looking at the schedule above, tough Clashers will want to tune in for lots of exciting information.

Onsite events like 5vs5 Clan Wars, tournaments, and tons of panel discussions will take place. Clashers will tell you how to be a good clan, how to build the best base, how to attack players, how to win Clan Wars and much more. All of these will be very useful for demanding players. Most importantly how to make 3-star bases with something called GoWipe or Lavaloon attacks. These are Golems, mages, and pekkas, and a jumping spell to take down the Halls of Towh, or using Lava Hounds to disperse air defenses and furiously advance through a base to disperse over 20 balloons and destroy it. If you’re looking for ways to improve your game, you’ll want to watch these workshops and how to live, as announced all day on Saturday.

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Everything from Clan War tournaments is on stage, Clan War Finals, War strategies and more. Not only are they talking about the big stuff, the workshops will also cover the TH7-10 for the average gamer.

Basically, there will be information for advanced Clash of Clan players and even beginners who want to build a better foundation and become more involved in one of the most popular games for mobile devices.

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All said and done though, all we really want to know is what’s going to happen in the October ClashCon update. We’re hearing about TH11, new daily objectives or “Quests”, another dark elixir troop, possibly a third hero, and much more.

It was also said that SuperCell wanted to add a “game-changing” feature with this update; this is something that will attract millions of people who haven’t tried it otherwise to try the game. That means, something important is coming and it’s coming soon. Expect all the details to come in over the next few days, or go live on stage Saturday morning. Stay tuned for more details.

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