Chromecast tutorial: how to set up and configure

Maybe you are the proud owner of a Chromecast or are you planning to get one soon? This Google accessory is a streaming multimedia player that plugs into one of your television’s HDMI ports like a switch. you go like this Wirelessly display content from most internet-connected devices such as your smartphones, tablets or PCs to the TV. Below we explain how to install and configure it!

For example, you will be able to stream a video from the YouTube site or app to your TV. The content displayed on the big screen is taken from the Cloud via WiFi connection, your smartphone or PC just acts as a remote control.

But back on topic, we’re here to show you how to connect and set up the Chromecast and an overview of its key features. If you want to know more about the accessory itself, I point you to our complete presentation of the Google Chromecast.

Presentation and setup

chromecast box

After paying the approximate amount 35€ to get the accessory, you receive in a small box containing: the switch itself, a USB-to-microUSB 2.0 cable, a power plug and an HDMI extension cable. As you will see, the last two accessories are optional and only useful in certain situations.

chrome casting

Connection couldn’t be easier. find a Empty HDMI socket on the back or side of your TV and connect Chromecast. But the latter requires a power supply to operate. You can then plug it directly into one of the USB ports on your TV (the most practical) or, if you don’t have a USB port nearby, using the power outlet directly to the wall.

Important : To get the best WiFi, your Chromecast should not be too far from your box. Walls will make it difficult to use. To get the most out of the product, the wireless connection should be as fast as possible. The HDMI extension supplied in the box is used both to facilitate the connection and to improve the WiFi connection by moving the dongle away from your television, thus improving the coverage.

chromecast link

Chromecast Setup

On your smartphone or tablet

chromecast setup

Now that everything is connected, you need to configure it! Let’s start with a smartphone (it works the same on a tablet). Visit Google Play Store to download the Chromecast app for free.

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download chromecast app

Now let’s move on to the configuration done in a few seconds. The app takes you by the way to help you connect your mobile to the accessory. important thing, both must be connected to the same WiFi network (which is often the case). If so, the app will automatically search for Chromecast. Then a code should be displayed on your laptop and TV at the same time. All you have to do is confirm and you’re done!

chromecast setup

The Chromecast may need to update automatically during initial configuration, give it time. You can also give the desired name to the HDMI key from the application. If all goes well, you will come to the main screen where the beautiful wallpapers found by Google (you can now change them from the Background tab), the name of the switch at the bottom left and the network, weather, time and photo caption are displayed. Right.

For those wondering, Chromecast app also available on iOS, Chromebook and Mac.

configure chromecast

chromecast wallpaper

from your computer

google post extension

You can also cast content from your PC to TV using Chromecast. From Google Chrome (Mac or PC), go to the Google Cast extension page and install it there. Once this is done, you will see a small television-shaped icon in the upper-right corner of your browser.

Now you can Cast any tab (not the entire browser) to your TV, wirelessly and in seconds. If your Chromecast is already connected to your mobile or there is an application in progress, you need to stop its broadcasts to start a new one.

chromecast extension google chrome

Compatible apps

Want to know if the apps you already have are compatible with Google’s dongle? nothing is easier You must watch the Chromecast icon This takes the form of a small smart TV that sits on top of some apps! Let’s take an example with the YouTube app, which is of course compatible. While in the app, one click on the icon will stream your selected video to the big screen.

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youtube chromecast

Your smartphone becomes just a remote control. Indeed, the video is streamed from the internet to your television, thanks to the WiFi connection. Therefore, it is not your mobile phone that broadcasts this video. A perfect solution to not melt the autonomy of your mobile phone.

chromecast youtube

Compatible apps include those published by Google such as Movies, Music, YouTube, and also SFR TV, Netflix, CanalPlay, SFR TV and France TV Pluzz It is also compatible with Chromecast. To find the full list of compatible apps, go here.

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chromecast app

Cast your phone screen to TV

Here’s an interesting feature many have been waiting for: mirroring is now available in beta on Chromecast. The principle is simple: view the entire screen of your smartphone on the big screen of your television. What you do on your mobile is displayed in real time on your living room TV.

chromecast wheel display

For more

Google’s Chromecast isn’t perfect, it’s far from it. Its biggest flaw is probably its inability to play media files stored on the device. You can still cast the screen to view your photos, but this is far from the best solution. Indeed, third-party apps do this very well, for example Plex, AllCast or LocalCast. Combined with the Google accessory, you now have an awesome solution!

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Multi-room is also supported. If you have more than one Chromecast at home, you will be able to choose exactly which one you want to cast the content to. Useful when you have multiple screens in multiple rooms in the house.

chromecast backdrop

I hope this presentation and setup tutorial helped you take your first steps with the accessory. If you have questions, other tips, or compatible apps you’d like to share with the community, feel free to !