Chromecast: How to install and configure Google HDMI switch

most Chromecast related to Google The 2nd Gen is definitely one of Google’s best, if not the best. But before you enjoy it, install and configure the small HDMI switch on his television. For those wondering how to proceed, here are all the steps to follow.

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This is why you have to go through the setup and configuration phase to take advantage of Chromecast. You’ll see, nothing too complicated, just follow the process below. Let’s go !

  • That’s why in the Chromecast 2 box, you’ll find the little disk-like box and power outlet. Start by connecting the two items together, then connect the Chromecast to one of the HDMI ports on your TV.
chromecast 2 unboxing
chromecast 2 tv link
  • The small magnet helps the Chromecast “stick” to the TV to keep it from hanging off the back of the screen.
chromecast 2 setup
  • After you plug it in, you’ll be prompted to sign in to Connect using your smartphone or tablet.
chromecast 2 tv setup
  • Download the Chromecast app
chromecast 2 android setup
  • After the app is installed, your smartphone will search for Chromecast on your Wifi network.
chromecast 2 pairing
  • Chromecast found, now you will need to configure it
chromecast 2 wireless pairing
  • Start by connecting your Chromecast to the WiFi network you want to use. Your smartphone/tablet and Chromecast must be connected to the same WiFi network for everything to work. Enter the password if available and wait a few seconds.
  • You can also assign a custom name to your Chromecast.
  • Here is your Chromecast configured
chromecast 2 android app

Chromecast-enabled apps appear in the app. But you can also cast your smartphone or tablet screen directly from the notifications panel.

chromecast 2 video mirror

You see, this installation is child’s play, right?

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