Chrome: how to add an event to the calendar with a command in the address bar

Google is multiplying initiatives to make life easier for users of Android apps, who spend most of their time on the computer and especially on the web. You can now instantly create Google Calendar events from the web with Chrome or any other browser using Shortcuts. and meeting. new.

Chrome: Quickly create events from the browser with simple shortcuts

To help you get going faster, Google has registered the domains and, which you can enter directly into your browser’s address bar. You will then be taken to the web version of Google Calendar with a form ready to schedule your event. Google Calendar isn’t the first Google app to introduce this kind of shortcut. The firm recently allowed G Suite subscribers to quickly create Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides documents with shortcuts such as:, or

Quickly create a Google Calendar event from Chrome

We can easily guess that Google’s idea is to offer a similar experience for all of its apps. We sincerely hope that such an opportunity will soon be available for Gmail. This will come in handy for sending emails quickly. We also consider Google Messages for sending SMS or instant messages from the web knowing that the app is now compatible with the RCS protocol.

Shortcuts have the advantage of being intuitive and easy to remember, as they all use the domain name. .newA magic keyword that will enable regular users of the Google app ecosystem to be much more productive on a daily basis.

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