Chrome Android: How to change URL in new address bar?

If you’re reading this tutorial, you’ve probably run into the following issue: At first glance, it seems impossible to change the URL in the address bar of Chrome for Android. In fact, the text disappears as soon as you tap this address bar. We can say that the Google developers acted a little too diligently to piss us off. They made this change to save you time.

How to change URL in new address bar of Chrome for Android?

Indeed, you should pay attention to what happens when you tap just below the address bar. The site you are viewing is indeed just below this bar and is accompanied by three buttons. To share, copyWhere edit URL. And yes, now that you know, the system is much more practical!

Here’s how to change the URL as promised:

  • Tap the address bar
  • tap edit URL (in pen form on the last right) next to the first entry under the address bar
  • And there you go!

The rest of the changes ultimately make a lot of sense. The address bar is blank when you click on it because otherwise you will have to go through the select/delete step before performing the next action. Similarly, pasting something into the address bar now takes two steps instead of three.

Three buttons let you do what you can do in a few steps with a single gesture. We still find it unfortunate that the firm’s graphic designers haven’t found a way to make this URL bar a little more intuitive to use, in any case less annoying than what users are used to. .

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