Change iPhone or iPad Wallpaper Automatically

No matter how beautiful a wallpaper looks, it tends to lose its appeal after a while. And when that happens, your eyes feel like they’re facing the same boring home/lock screen over and over again out of boredom. While iOS offers a simple way to set a wallpaper, it’s never surprising to me that it doesn’t have the option to automatically change the iPhone or iPad wallpaper. Literally. Are there any workarounds to accomplish this? Apparently, you can set your favorite wallpapers to change automatically thanks to a tedious but highly reliable hack!

Automatically Change Your iPhone or iPad Wallpaper With One Tap

So how does this hack work and more importantly, what are the requirements for it? Well, it requires you to create a photo album with all the pictures you want to use as your device wallpaper. After that, you need to allow the shortcut named “Wallpaper” to access the album and navigate through all the pictures. Next, add the shortcut to the home screen.

Once this is done, all you have to do is press the shortcut to change the wallpaper on your iOS device. Note that the “Wallpaper” shortcut requires your device to run iOS 14.3/iPadOS 14.3 or later (currently in beta). So make sure your device is compatible to try this script. That’s all, let’s get started!

A Few Things to Do Before You Begin

  • Make Sure You Allow Untrusted Shortcuts: The first thing you should do is make the Shortcuts app accept untrusted shortcuts. This is a must as we will be using a shortcut from a relatively unknown source. Hungry Settings app on your device > Shortcuts > Allow Untrusted Shortcuts.

  • Create An Album Of All Your Favorite Wallpapers: Another thing you need to do is create a photo album with all the pictures you want to use as your device’s wallpaper. To do this, open Photos app -> tap on choose tap on option -> top right corner Add to Album on the share sheet -> tap on new album. Next, name it “Wall paper” and tap on save.
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Create a photo album

Add the Wallpaper Shortcut to Your Shortcut Library

Next, you need to add the “Wallpaper” Shortcut to the Shortcuts app. Since it is available from an untrusted source, you have to take a slightly different route to add it to the library.

To do this, start Safari on your iPhone or iPad and then go to this link. After that, tap on “Add Untrusted Shortcut”. From now on, this shortcut, my shortcuts The section in the Shortcuts app.

Tap on Allow Untrusted Shortcuts

Let Wallpaper Shortcut Use Your Photo Album

It’s time to allow the “Wallpaper” shortcut to use the Photos Album. Courtesy of the album, the shortcut automatically cycles through the selected pictures each time you tap on it.

  1. start shortcut app on your iPhone or iPad.

Launch the Shortcuts app

2. Now, tap on “My Shortcuts” tab below.

Tap the My Shortcuts tab

3. Next, tap on it. three points In the upper right corner of the “Wallpaper” shortcut.

Tap the three dots

4. Next, tap . “Allow access” below. After that, a popup will appear saying: “The wallpaper wants to access your photo. Every time you run this shortcut, Wallpaper will be able to access your photos.” Make sure you tap on it. OK to approve.

Tap Allow Access

Add Wallpaper Shortcut to home screen

Once you allow the wallpaper shortcut to access your photo album, add it to the home screen. It is made not only for easy access, but also for changing iPhone or iPad wallpaper with a quick tap.

  1. start Shortcuts app On your iOS/ipados device.

Launch the Shortcuts app

2. Tap now. “My Shortcuts” tab in the lower left corner of the screen.

Tap the My Shortcuts tab

3. Then touch and hold . Wallpaper shortcut and then select “To share” on the menu.

Tap on Share

4. Next, tap on “Add to Home Screen”.

Tap on Add to Home Screen

5. Next, you can choose: a beautiful icon give your shortcut a suitable name and Add. To keep things simple, let the name stay “Wall paper.”

Press Add in the upper right corner of the screen

Change iPhone/iPad Wallpaper with One Tap

Going forward, all you have to do is change the wallpaper on your iPhone or iPad. just ap to wallpaper shortcut icon. The script returns the wallpaper using the album you created. If you want your iPhone’s home screen to always look pleasing to the eye, keep adding all the good looking wallpapers to the album.

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Change iPad/iPhone Wallpaper Automatically with One Tap

That is all! Now that you have learned this trick well, make the most of it to equip your home screen/lock screen with attractive wallpapers and change them with ease. As I said above, the script requires some workarounds. However, once you set up the shortcut perfectly, it works as expected.

What do you think of this shortcut? And more importantly, want to give it a shot on your iOS device? Feel free to drop your feedback in the comments below. Also, if you have an Android smartphone, be sure to check out our article on automatically changing the lock screen wallpaper on Android.