Bringing Button Shapes Back to iOS 7 Controls

With iOS 7, Apple gave a new look and style to its mobile operating system. Some, including myself, weren’t all that impressed with the new “flatter” look. Part of it is simple aesthetics and personal preference. Part of this is about providing convenient hints in the UI so users can find out what they need to do to operate an iOS device. One of these changes was to get rid of the control buttons and instead provide simple text commands where those buttons would normally be.

An example of this includes the edit screen of the Mail App. Instead of buttons at the bottom of the screen, you have text commands for Mark, Move, Trash.

There are more gruesome uses of this in other applications. For better or worse, Apple has done everything with its new design language and I don’t think we’ll see any reversal in the approach.

Apple this week released a long overdue major update for its operating system labeled iOS 7.1, and if you’re someone who doesn’t like the visual change of iOS, there are a few tweaks you can make that give you a few ways to get back to it. 7. One of the tweaks you can make is to restore buttons instead of text as visual cues in some places.

To do this, you need to go to the Accessibility section of the settings. To get there, tap Settings, then General, then Accessibility.

untitled 2

Once there, you will see a list of toggle options for turning them on and off. He is the person we are looking for here. It is off by default. When you open it, you’ll find Button Shapes reappearing where you only had text before. Note that the Back to General control now has a Button Shape around it instead of just text.


You will no longer find a button everywhere. In some cases you will find an underline and in some cases the button will appear as a translucent background.

You can’t say the Button Shape designs look nice, but that’s probably Apple’s way of saying we don’t prefer this approach. If you want, we’ve made it available, but we won’t do our best to make it beautiful the way we define it. But most design changes work this way. Note that Apple has added this tweak under Accessibility for those who have trouble reading text controls, a feature of iOS 7.

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