Boost Your Productivity on Windows 10 with Hotkey Utility

To be a power user, you should learn Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts, or hotkeys for short, allow you to complete many tasks without moving around much. You press a key combination and there it is. However, sometimes pre-existing keyboard shortcuts are not enough. In this case, you can create your own keyboard shortcuts to complete the tasks you do regularly. It can be anything like opening a folder, program or text file, or running a Windows automation. In this article, we bring you a great hotkey utility called WinHotKey. It allows you to create custom keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 without any hacks or workarounds. So, without further delay, let’s go ahead and set up WinHotKey.

Set WinHotKey and Breeze on Windows 10

one. Download WinHotKey from: here and install it on your Windows computer. It is a small application, so it does not take much time for installation. Also, the best part is that the program is completely free.

2. Then open it and you will see a mini window. Click “New Hotkey” to create a keyboard shortcut according to your preference. I recommend choosing the combination “Win ​​+ number”, as it is easy and catchy.

3. For example, I always open the Downloads folder. I created a “Win+1” shortcut to open the downloads directory. This saves me countless clicks and valuable time.

Set Up WinHotKey and Breeze on Windows 10 2

4. Similarly, a “Win + 2” shortcut to open Command Prompt. This helps me switch to Windows Terminal in seconds so I can execute ADB commands without losing any moment. You can also create such shortcuts for various tasks: opening a folder, opening a program, or running a Powershell script.

Set WinHotKey and Breeze With Windows 10 3

Maximize Your Productivity on Windows 10 with WinHotKey

This is how you can jump between folders and programs with your favorite keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10. There are many such shortcut programs, but WinHotKey is lightweight, free, and works flawlessly. If you are someone who likes to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate the operating system, this little utility will be of great help to you. Anyway, that’s it for us. If you want to know similar tips and tricks of Windows 10, go to our linked article.

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