Beginners: How to secure your apps with a password

Our smartphones are now a part of our life and a part of our life is on it. Normally only the owner of the phone uses it, but the reality is very different from that. A friend asking your phone to call someone? Want your child to play? Does he want to watch your beautiful and sensitive messages?

I will teach you how to secure everything you want on your phone by applying a forced pass from the passcode box. Don’t worry, all your dangerous photos, secret messages and the rest of your dark intentions will be safe.

The solution I’m going to propose to you will go through an app, that will let you configure a password and select the items you want to lock. You can lock many things like your apps, installing and uninstalling apps, accessing phone settings, among others.

How can you secure your apps with a password?

First I will explain how to configure your application without security concerns. Next, I will explain step by step how the application and the lock mode work. Finally, I will present you with other possible options.

how to secure your apps with a password

Getting Started: Setting Up the App

  • To organise AppLock Zilla: Smart Protector
game store
  • to throw AppLock Zilla: Smart Protector
  • Type a password (x2), this is the one that will be used to unlock your apps.
  • To choose recovery solution

If you forget your password, it is recommended to choose one of the two options below. The first does not allow you to find your password, the second allows you to send the password back to the specified email address, and the third allows you to configure a question and an answer so that you can recover it.

  • You have now configured the application
how to secure your apps with a password

How to lock an app

We are already in the second part, now that you have configured your app, you will only need to select the items you want to lock. For this method I will proceed with the simplest and most effective, other locking methods are possible.

  • Once in practice, select items to lock pressing the padlock icon

You are faced with the full list of your applications and 4 separate items. These 4 items allow you to block the installation and uninstallation of applications, as well as access to phone settings.

  • Once selected, the item(s) will have a green, closed padlock icon.
  • Your app is now locked
how to secure your apps with a password

There are two profiles beyond the free version, the first one lets you lock an unlimited number of apps, but not all features. Second, it allows access to all features, but only to lock a limited number of apps.

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Otherwise, there is the pro version, this unlocks all the features to be able to use them in an endless number of applications. The professional version, of course, is paid at € 1.79. If you really need security, don’t hesitate.

how to secure your apps with a password

This app is full of resources, it also has a number of themes. Another thing, you can also create profiles, profiles that can change automatically depending on time or location. You can also block access to endpoint, WiFi, mobile data and Bluetooth. A safe is also available for your media.

how to secure your apps with a password