Beginners: How to save your videos and articles to read later

Don’t have time to read my tutorial? Wait a second! I will teach you how to easily save articles, videos and more that you don’t have time to watch right now.

One thing is for sure, not every one of us has time to start and finish reading an article or another. Annoying isn’t it? Another possible situation is that you have seen a magnificent view of an idyllic beach that you wanted to go to with your partner but could not find later… I have the solution for you.

This solution Pocket is a very useful app because it lets you record almost any content in 3 seconds straight, for free, and view it later without worry. Available on mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android and any web browser where extensions are also available.

First step

First of all, I will accompany you for the first steps, the installation of the application, the steps to be taken in order to start and use it. Links, explanations and pictures are at your disposal for a perfect understanding.

  • To organise pocket

game store

  • to throw pocket
  • Create Account Mobile (Google or email)
  • And are you ready to follow the rest of the tutorial!

How can I save an article, video or others for later?

I’ll start by showing you how to save an article, in these different steps I use the Google News and Weather app but it can work with almost any news app. Every step will be with description and pictures so anyone can make them. You just found an article about your favorite app, but you need to stop reading:

  • Once an article, video or others, click the share button
  • then tap on Add to Pocket
  • Your article, video or anything else is now in your Pocket app

How do you manage your saved items?

If you’re a news junkie or a video junkie, your pocket can fill up pretty quickly. But the app is full of resources, first of all, you have access to a side panel with different categories, namely: Articles, Videos, Pictures. Then you have something called Favorites for things you really don’t want to miss, that’s the way.

  • Go to an item from your pocket
  • touch the star
  • Your article, video or other now in Favorites

Besides, The application allows you to read directly your articles or even your videos, no waste of time. Your reading pattern can be easily edited thanks to a large number of notable options. Pocket is completely free, but there is a Premium version.

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This paid version allows permanent saving (even if the original item is deleted), a more efficient advanced search module, and working with tags to help you better manage your content. If you want to try it, it will cost you €4.49 a month or €39.99 a year.

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