Beginners: How to manage your app notifications

Notifications are practical, that’s for sure, but sometimes we want to stop receiving them and have to admit that some apps are abusing them. Aren’t you tired of this notification that keeps coming back? Are you using an app that you want to keep but can’t turn off notifications for? Here is the solution.

Now I will teach you how to easily filter your app notifications using an option that not everyone knows. You can completely disable notifications from the app, whether or not the developer of that particular app wants it.

How to filter your app notifications

In this tutorial, each step will be explained and accompanied with pictures so that any of you can succeed without difficulty. The method is very simple, but you must know where to go. Pictures are made from Custom ROM running Android 4.4.4 KitKat, don’t mind the design, the steps are the same.

  • come in Settings from your phone
  • Later in the section apps (or manage apps for other versions)
  • Swipe left to get tab Everything
step 1 how to filter notifications
  • Choose application you want to stop notifications (Example: Facebook)
  • Once on the application page, Uncheck Show notifications
  • After reading the warning message, OK
step 2 how to filter notifications
  • Notifications from the selected app will no longer bother you!

This method can be applied to all applications without exception, avoid disabling notifications of your messages, it would be foolish to miss them. As for information apps, games or others, you can disable their notifications without worry, you just need to open those apps to find out what they contain.

For some applications that constantly serve in the background and are maintained thanks to constant notification, unchecking the option can make it vulnerable. Let me explain, this persistent notification keeps the service in action and if this notification is disabled the Android system will “kill” the service/app.

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