Basketball Kings Tips and Tricks

A new sports game has recently arrived on the iPhone and it’s called Basketball Kings. The NBA season comes as the regular season draws to a close in hopes that basketball fans will become addicted to the arcade shooting mobile game.

Basketball Kings is a very simple game because you just swipe up to make your player throw the ball into the net, but there are different game modes that you can enjoy, such as Time Trial or even Tournament mode where the levels become increasingly difficult as you complete them.

Basketball Kings can be downloaded for free for both iPhone and Android devices at: iTunes App Store and Google Play, respectively. But before you act, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow to finally get the best score and move on to more challenging levels.

Be Precise When Scrolling

While swiping up is the only skill in Basketball Kings, the game’s tutorial isn’t very detailed on how to swipe up correctly. I followed the tutorial and discovered that I hardly ever sink a basketball. However, after adjusting my swipe gesture and trying some new things, I discovered that you can make almost any cart by swiping a certain way.

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Instead of swiping (swiping and tapping your finger to finish swiping), just swipe up in a steady motion and then immediately stop where you want to end the swipe. It’s also crucial in terms of where you start and end your scrolling process.

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You get the best results when you start to slide the ball from where it is in the shooter’s hand. Then finish swiping right when the fill bar on the left turns green and reaches the arrow; this usually means that you will finish the slap just above the basketball hoop. Most of your baskets will be flawless if you swipe this way.

Hurry up

Basketball Kings uses a timer in most of its game modes, including Time Attack (of course) and Tournament mode. That means you have to be relatively quick with each shot and the next, so here’s a quick tip you can use (see what I did there?).

2014-04-03 13.23.58

When the pitcher throws a basketball, you’ll see that he goes to the side to get another basketball and sets up his shot shortly after. Often you think you can’t start swiping up until the player is ready to shoot, but you can actually swipe up before you’re even ready to shoot. This may be a minor bug in the game, but it will allow you to shoot more before time runs out.

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Have fun

Of course, the most important tip for Basketball Kings is to have fun and not be too dependent on it. The way the tournament mode is set up allows players to go as far as they can and collect as many points as possible.

Trying to get the highest score possible can be addictive and we don’t blame you. However, don’t expect the game to make you a better basketball player in other games. After all, it’s just a swipe up.

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