Avengers Infinity Wars: How to avoid spoilers on the web, Facebook and Twitter

Do you think there is nothing more annoying than getting your hair done before going to the movies? We welcome it. Fortunately, there are solutions to block keywords of your choice on both your smartphone, tablet and computer (PC or Mac).

Avengers Infinity Wars: How to avoid giving spoilers on the Internet?

To avoid spoilers, whether you’re using Windows or MacOS, we recommend downloading an extension that will filter out everything displayed on the screen for you, so that nothing about the movie or its subject is visible, in short, act like it is in the movie. There isn’t even a movie. We offer two extensions for Chrome and Firefox similar in operation. Both allow you to create lists of words that will trigger a filter. When a page contains words you define (here, for example, Avengers, Avengers Infinity Wars, and the names of all the characters in the movie), the text is covered with a black mask. As radical as it is effective:

How to avoid Avengers Infinity Wars spoilers on Facebook and Twitter?

Be careful on Facebook and Twitter, the extensions presented above do not work and spoiler blocking can be much more complicated. That’s why we recommend you stay away from them until you watch the movie. That said, there are still a few options if it’s hard for you to do otherwise, but they’re not 100% error-free.

Let’s start with the hardest: Facebook. You can configure a custom filter in the Social Fixer extension to remove (add to the filter list) any posts that talk about Avengers or characters from the movie:

Unfortunately we can’t do much for you on a smartphone. If your friends are a little too talkative, avoid Facebook apps or even Messenger as much as possible. You can also unfollow them, which will probably save you from unfortunate notifications in your news feed…

For Twitter, on the other hand, it’s much simpler. With Tweetdeck and its function on PC and Mac you can slalom through spoilers very easily Turn your sound off. Use the web app as a twitter client and filter keywords you no longer want to see. On Android and iOS, we recommend Echofon and Tweetbot, which still let you browse twitter while censoring certain hashtags and keywords. Note the variability, for example banning #Avengers does not ban #AvengersInfinityWars…

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Of course, there are probably solutions in this file that we don’t have yet. Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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