Automatically Sync Your Windows 8 Files With SkyDrive

Microsoft is trying to revolutionize how users think about Windows. With this, users can effortlessly sync computer settings from computer to computer. This sync includes everything from passwords to desktop backgrounds, all using SkyDrive. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t see fit to create automatic SkyDrive syncing for files. That doesn’t mean you still can’t get that functionality. Here’s how to sync your device Windows 8 transfer files from your SkyDrive folder to and other computers.

This method uses the same Microsoft Account username and password setting you entered when setting up your Windows 8 device.

Click to download SkyDrive Desktop application from Microsoft Website.

Press the button.

Click on the download sidebar. Then click again to install the app on your Windows 8 device.

Screenshot (26)

Let the SkyDrive installer run.

How to sync windows 8 settings to skydrive (19)


How to sync windows 8 settings to skydrive (20)

Click .

How to sync windows 8 settings to skydrive (21)

Choose whether you want to back up all files and folders in your SkyDrive folder or only specific folders. Then click.

How to sync windows 8 settings to skydrive (22)

Then click to finish the process.

You don’t need to enable file fetching. It is an option that goes out and finds files on your PCs. You can skip this if you want to keep your SkyDrive usage only for backing up and transferring files.

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For now, any file stored in the SkyDrive folder will be automatically synced to and other devices. In our example, we dragged all the files from our computer to the SkyDrive folder for easy, automatic backups.

To add your files to the SkyDrive backup, drop them into the SkyDrive folder. In our example, we are dragging over the Important Things folder.

Screenshot (28)

If the things you want to back up take up more than the 7GB of free online storage Microsoft offers, you can add more storage at

It’s important to note that SkyDrive will only back up automatically. Only The files inside the SkyDrive folder, so be sure to save all the files you want to back up there. These files are available on other Windows 8 PCs signed in to your Microsoft Account, as well as on and the SkyDrive apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.

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