Automatically Downloading Apps to iPhone and iPad

We’ve all downloaded a new app or song to one of our iPhones and discovered it’s not on our iPad either, but only when we were out of WiFi range.

Apple makes it easy to avoid this problem with automatic downloads. The feature first appeared in iOS 5 and is available on most Apple devices.

Users can turn on Auto Download on any device to ensure apps, music and books are always available for use. Users who already use a lot of data should make sure to turn off cellular data to avoid redundancy from automatically downloaded apps and music.

How to Turn On Automatic Downloads

Later on

Shopping centre

Next, this screen will appear allowing users to choose which media types to automatically download to iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Automatic Downloads

Sliders to enable automatic downloads for Music, Apps, and Books

It is important to know that if there is content that is not intended to be downloaded automatically, the slider should be in position.

Another option to consider with Automatic Downloads is whether you want the content to be downloaded over a cellular connection.

The usage of iPhone’s battery life will be affected and also the amount of data used monthly will increase.

Whether or not cellular data is enabled really depends on how users’ battery life and data allowance are usually. Allowing automatic downloads would not be ideal if the user is having a hard time getting through the day with their current usage. This also applies to people who use close to their data cap each month.

In general, enabling automatic downloads is a good idea to ensure a stable user experience, especially for users with multiple iOS devices.

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