AutoArchive Emails in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email solution among businesses and organizations. When it comes to consumers, Outlook lags behind Gmail. The default Outlook mail comes with 15GB of space to fill. With the marketing or banking promotions and other unimportant material we receive, it’s easy to miss these important emails. You can avoid this by archiving less essential emails and deleting promotional and junk mail.

If your Outlook Inbox is getting slow or acting weird, you need to archive or delete irrelevant emails. Manual email archiving can be a time-consuming and tedious process.

Microsoft offers Focused Inbox functionality but is limited to filtering relevant emails for the user. Another useful addition is Outlook Rules. It is the Outlook version of IFTTT. With rules, multiple automations can be created to archive certain emails or move them to delete mails section.

In this post, we will guide you through the Outlook Rules function and create some rules to automatically archive emails from Outlook. The post will also cover another Outlook bonus trick to unsubscribe from irrelevant emails in one place. Lets start.

Create AutoArchive Rule from Email

The Outlook Rules functionality is only available for Outlook Mac, Windows, and the Web. You cannot access the Rules function on mobile devices. For this post, we will be using Outlook web as it works the same on every platform.

Stage 1: Open Outlook web and sign in using Microsoft account credentials.

Step 2: Select an irrelevant email and open it.

Create view rule from mail

Stage 3: Tap the three-dot menu and select Create Rule.

Step 4: Create a rule to move messages from the sender to the Archive folder.

Auto archive mail

After that, all emails from the sender are moved directly to the archived inbox. You can still access them from the Archive menu in the folders.

Create AutoArchive Rules from Outlook Settings

The trick mentioned above moves all incoming emails from the sender to archive items. What if someone wants to archive emails with specific subjects or keywords from the message body?

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For example, I’m sick of loan offers, Coronavirus updates, or other marketing junk from my bank. But the monthly statement of my bank account and credit card bills are the things I refer to regularly. If you have a similar preference for topics or topics, follow the steps below to create some rules.

Stage 1: Open Outlook web and go to Settings.

Step 2: View all Outlook settings and the custom settings menu will appear.

Stage 3: Select Rules and select Add new rule.

Outlook rules

Step 4: Let’s call it Bank Rules and add a condition.

Step 5: Add keywords that are no longer relevant to you, such as Credit, EMI, etc. I added the message terms.

Automatic archive rule created

Step 6: Create a rule to move all emails to Archive folder and hit save button.

Now, when you receive emails containing Credit, EMI or Important keywords, they will be automatically moved to Archive folder.

Let’s create another useful rule. Shall we do it? Every company out there is sending users emails about the Coronavirus. While I appreciate your efforts, sometimes it’s exhausting to read the news about the deadly virus every day. With the help of Outlook Rules, you can automatically archive these mails before they come to your attention.

Stage 1: Open Outlook web and go to Settings > Mail > Rules.

Step 2: Let’s name the new rule ‘Coronavirus’ and add the conditions.

Automatic archive rules

Stage 3: Add conditions such that the message body contains the keyword (like Corona virus or COVID-19), and then move those emails to the Archive folder.

I’ve created dozens of Outlook Rules. This is a powerful function and the possibilities are endless. Here’s how I use it. Whenever I’m on a vacation trip, I create a rule to move all incoming emails to a ‘While Traveling’ folder to ensure they never bother me during my time with my family.

Created rules

Some sketchy companies keep sending junk emails in my Outlook Inbox. They leave me no choice but to create an auto-delete rule to remove these emails.

Unsubscribe from Email Senders

The auto-archiving function is useful when you want to clear your inbox from fake emails. But if you want to completely stop receiving e-mails from the sender, you must use the unsubscribe function of the e-mail.

However, finding that little unsubscribe button on every post can be time-consuming and tedious. Fortunately, with Outlook Web, you can see all email senders in one place with an unsubscribe button.

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Stage 1: Open Outlook web and go to Settings.

Step 2: Go to Mail > Subscriptions.

Stage 3: Here you will see the list of email senders with a large unsubscribe button.

Cancel your Outlook subscription

Step 4: Unsubscribe the unnecessary from the menu and you can also tap the three-dot menu to block the sender.

I use this feature every quarter to remove irrelevant emails from the list.

Keep Your Email Inbox Clean

Microsoft Outlook includes an excellent Rules function. You can use it to automatically delete incoming e-mails, automatically archive them, move them to different folders for a certain period of time, and even unsubscribe from the junk sender list from a single menu. Improved my email experience by a mile. How do you plan to use Outlook Rules? Mute the sound in the comments section below.

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