Android: 7 steps to follow before using your smartphone for the first time

The next lines of this tutorial are for all newcomers. Them 7 steps to follow before using your new terminal It will let you start well with your Android smartphone.

Many times, we let ourselves be overwhelmed by impatience and tend to rush into the object to explore its full potential, but this type of behavior precedes a minute of reflection, can sometimes cause problems, benign or not.

7 steps to follow before using your new Android smartphone


7 things to do before using a new smartphone

This will probably seem obvious to many of you, but many times people realized it after the were missing or that there are some anomalies in their smartphone.

So make sure your new purchase is in good condition, everything is shiny, smooth, flawless. Also, do not forget to carefully study the instructions and warranty terms; In this regard, Sony wanted to draw attention to the letter “i” about the sealing of the Xperia Z5 recently.

You can monitor the functioning of your devices, their updates, etc. In order to keep you up to date, it is important that you stay informed as best as possible about news about your terminals’ brands through dedicated blogs (such as ours).

Back to our unpacking, usually the boxes contain a small tool to disassemble your smartphone, don’t forget to keep it in case of SIM card or battery change. A micro usb cable allows you to upload and store your data. listeners should also be included.

Data download

andru charger

When everything is in order and you have all the elements, you will need to charge the smartphone because in the next few hours dense enough for the battery, an interruption at this important stage is not welcome. So put yourself on the grid.

The second step at this level, connect to a Wi-Fi network if possible. Too much data is likely to be downloaded and you don’t want to use your data plan, so we recommend connecting to a local network.

first login to google

add google-account

As soon as you turn on your brand new phone, a small integrated tutorial will tell you the next steps. First of all, you need Sign in to your Google account (create if you don’t already have it). You can skip this step however, but you will be at a big disadvantage and you will not have the full Android experience as Google oversees a large number of apps. manage all your connected devices.

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Connecting to Google gives you access to many services offered by the Mountain View giant and also syncs the time, date, contacts automatically and more. If you already have an Android smartphone will connect directly to Play Store and it will download apps from your old model.

Learn about the menus

We tend to neglect this step, arguing that we will have plenty of time to come back later, or that we will remember the location of this or that function. Usually this will result in a groping session through the many options offered by your phone.

htc desire 310 interface

So, unless your new terminal is overwhelmed with applications, take the opportunity to create a cognitive map of its menus, find out where such a setting, such an option is located. It may seem boring and boring, but in the long run, You will save valuable time in your actions.

Disable operator/constructor apps

Uninstall bloatware

These are the applications we call “bloatware”. These services, imposed by manufacturers and carriers to survive (which can save them money) on your device, often put a heavy load on your device’s memory. Recent information has announced that some of these apps integrated into certain smartphones from Xiaomi or Lenovo may contain spyware.

So the easiest way is to get rid of these apps, you risk using them too little anyway. During the initial configuration of your mobile phone, you will be asked if you want additional services, including additional protection against malware. feel free to decline these requests. Remember that all you have to do at this stage is to log into your Google account, nothing more.

After all settings are done go to Application menu under Settings. Find apps that already exist before you buy the device. If there are solutions to remove them, disabling them would be a good thing already done.

Protect your smartphone

smartphone security experts most vulnerable

This is one of the most important points for most of you. Your smartphone will contain private information that will strengthen the security of your data, whether it’s your bank details, messages or photos/videos.

The first foundations of conservation are clearly a PIN and pattern lock. Some Android devices offer additional services such as SmartLock, which allows you to use your smartphone near a familiar Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network, but will remain locked in another location.

Android security: the right steps to protect yourself from viruses!

We offer you a file to adopt good practices to protect your privacy and Android device from the dangers available on the web!

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Decorate your Android desktop


Even if your smartphone downloads your old apps, nothing forces you to stick to the past, take advantage of your new device. Test your skills by trying new apps, whether they use the fingerprint reader or the new technologies of your photo sensor. You can also customize your device a bit more by downloading new launchers or even keyboards like SwiftKey, which is one of the best alternative keyboards for better typing.

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Your smartphone should be a part of you and you should feel at home on it. Android is one of the best operating systems for this because the customization of the environment is really extensive. Set up your preferences, display your tastes,…

did you practice these seven steps to follow Previously ? If you have small habits, rituals in customizing your Android, feel free to let us know in the comments the first thing you like to do with a brand new smartphone.

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