Android: How to watch TV on your smartphone?

We also stream television on our smartphone or Android tablet as often as we do on our television. The advantage is that you don’t need to be in your living room for this, and you can quietly isolate yourself with headphones and your smartphone to watch a movie or TV show. However, you will need to have the right app and a good connection!

Here is our selection of small apps for watching TV on your Android smartphone, we stock up on the best solutions available in the Play Store. Whether it’s solutions from third-party publishers or carriers, the options are vast in the Google app store, we’re exploring the possibilities.

Watch TV with official TV channel Android apps

tv channel apps

The main advantage of the official applications of DTT channels is that besides the live streaming of programs broadcast on your smartphone, they offer a variety of services, especially replay and TV guide. You will never miss any episode of Plus belle la vie again! Kidding aside, most DTT channels have their own app and you just have to go to the Play Store to find them.

Note that some apps include several channels such as France 2, France 3 (with all local stalls), France 4 and even France Ô or France 5 and M6 and France.TV which includes the official 6Play apps of the MyTF1 group. . Its advantage is that it saves you the hassle of installing dozens of applications. Here are the main ones you should definitely have:

With your carrier’s Android TV apps

operator tv apps

In addition to the official applications of TV channels, it is quite possible that you often return to the application of your operator that is already installed on your smartphone. However, note that this option is paid for some operators. As always, there is live, replay and sometimes even VOD.

Most of the time channels are accessible over both 3G/4G and Wifi, but still be mindful of your data plan. The quality of the stream will again depend on the quality of your internet connection.

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note this On the free side, only ISP customers qualify for a TV app called Box’n TV.. This requires you to be connected to your Freebox’s WiFi to be able to access the carrier’s channels. Therefore, Free Mobile customers with a stable Internet offer from another ISP are not entitled to this and will have to revert to their official app. The channels listed above or in the Molotov service, which you will discuss in the next paragraph.

my channel

channel application

Quite well designed MyCanal gives you six Canal+ channels on stream, but also includes all DTT channels like carrier apps. It also offers video-on-demand service as well as a “Review” function that lets you go back up to 8 hours before the broadcast of the Canal+ channel program in case you miss a program or just start the show. ‘A movie. Finally, the app also offers a remote control function to control your HD Wifi CANAL decoder and Freebox.

Mycanal game store

Watch TV with Molotov, the ultimate solution


Available for all Android devices and Android TV since November, Molotov is still the best solution. Developed by Pierre Lescure and one of the founders of Allociné, the app aims to completely reinvent the way we watch television by highlighting content rather than TV channels. most live and play again randomly shuffled and the app offers you at least 36 free channels. So we found 26 TV channels with M6 Boutique, Luxe and BFM Business added.

Note that all channels offered can be watched in HD if your connection allows it and of course the original stream is available in this format. The app also offers paid options such as Ciné+ for 9.99 euros per month, 100 hours of recording for 3.99 euros per month and the Extended option which offers over 70 channels for 9.99 euros per month. AB1, Paris Premiere, Teva and TCM Cinema. The ultimate app for Televores!

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