Android: How to unroot your smartphone

Rooting your smartphone is essential to access the mysteries of the Android operating system and enable it to do things that would normally be impossible. However, more and more apps refuse to launch if they detect that you have rooted your smartphone. A way to protect against the risk of hacking or the use of a premium service at no cost. Enough to require rooting to take advantage of all your apps! In this quick tutorial, we recommend using one of the simplest methods: via SuperSU. It is also usually possible to do this by updating the smartphone or restoring the factory settings.

How to unroot your Android smartphone

To root your Android smartphone:

  • To organise SuperSU From Google Play Store
  • go to tab Settings
  • Scroll down and tap complete rooting and confirm
  • Restart your smartphone when SuperSU is closed
  • Uninstall SuperSU

Taste! You are now the proud owner of a regular smartphone. We told you that it is usually possible to root your smartphone simply by updating it. In general, updates do indeed break the code that allows your smartphone to be rooted. Of course if these two methods don’t work there is always the factory settings option. Have you rooted your smartphone? What benefit do you find in it? Share your feedback in the comments of this quick tutorial!

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