Android: how to restore factory settings

There are many questions whose answer is “reset your smartphone”. An update failed? Do you find your smartphone too slow? Want to sell your smartphone or give it to someone else? In any case, a factory reset is a foolproof solution! Of course, after a factory reset, if the problem (if that’s what we’re talking about) is still not resolved, it’s a good idea to contact our after-sales service. However, factory reset is very simple no matter what your Android version is.

How to restore an Android smartphone to factory settings

To factory reset your Android smartphone:

  1. Backup your smartphone (the procedure will delete all data!)
  2. enter inside Settings Where Settings > System
  3. To touch Reset
  4. To touch Restore factory configuration then confirm with your password or pattern
  5. To touch delete everything to delete all data in the device’s internal memory
  6. Restart the smartphone

At the end of these steps, your smartphone will be in the same condition as the day you bought it. You can restore the backed up data very easily and if you sell it, the buyer will give the impression of a new product. If you chose the option normally “Delete Everything” and you thought to remove the SD memory card, there is no risk that the new owner will stumble upon your photos or personal data.

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