Android: How to disable autoplay of Google Discover videos

Created and developed by the American Web giant, Google Discover is available through the Google mobile app. It is a tool that displays selected articles from French or foreign media. Based on artificial intelligence and an algorithm, the Discover tool offers posts based on readers’ interests and searches on the famous Google engine.

However, in addition to posts and press articles, Google Discover can stream videos from YouTube or VOD platforms. And by default, these videos play automatically.

Disable Video Autoplay from Android Smartphone

We took a smartphone running the Android 12 mobile operating system to explain our article on disabling automatic playback of videos from Google Discover.

Note: In Google Discover, when a video starts automatically, three vertical bars appear at the bottom right of the directory.

  1. From the home screen of your smartphone, start a Google search by entering a word of your choice and scroll to the bottom left of the terminal screen and hit Discover.
  2. Scroll through the selection of articles and tap “More articles”.
  3. Then press the three vertical lines and “Settings”.Autoplay videos on Google Discover
  4. choose “General” And “Autoplay video previews”. Three item options are then displayed: Never, Only over Wi-Fi And Via Wi-Fi and mobile data.Disable video autoplay in Google Discover
  5. by choosing Neverthis disables autoplay for all videos viewed in Google Discover.

Finally, it is also possible to cheat by opening the Google app and pressing the profile picture of the Google account, then “Settings”. The method to follow is the same as shown in the image above.

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