Android Accessibility Settings: 5 Hidden Options You Should Know

You can do so much on Android that you don’t have to have the opportunity to experience everything. We probably never thought of going into the accessibility settings, thinking it’s just about putting your phone in “magnifying glass” mode or activating voice commands. And yet! we find there some interesting options that deserve to be known.

1. Zoom Anywhere with “Magnification Gestures”

By enabling it with Zoom gestures in Settings > Accessibility, you can zoom anywhere, except for the keyboard and navigation bar. Tap the screen 3 times to zoom in and out, then “pinch” with two fingers (or more) to adjust the zoom.

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2. Large Print for Better Readability

Also in Settings > Accessibility, if your eyes are getting tired while reading on your phone because of the font size, you can easily and quickly enable “Large Print” on your phone to fix it.


3. Color inversion

At the bottom, you’ll find Color Inversion in Settings > Accessibility. For example, if you have a Samsung your theme is “dark” (as in this tutorial) and you prefer a white background, simply enable the feature. It works really well outside of the phone’s home where there is a “negative” effect on the wallpaper and icons.

Special, but still a matter of taste! (Well, the screenshot doesn’t account for color conversion, so you’ll have to take my word for it!)

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Invert Colors

4. Interview

Always in Settings > Accessibility, ideal for the visually impaired or if you’ve lost your glasses, your actions are interpreted by the phone by activating Talkback. The first time we activate the feature, we are entitled to a short explanatory tutorial as it slightly changes our phone usage (it is recommended to follow it to the end!).


For example, when we tap an icon on the home screen, it vibrates and a small sound tells us the name of the app. For any action (e.g. launch an app or disable an option in settings), you have to double tap.

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5. Subtitles

It is always possible to enable subtitles by going to Settings > Accessibility. They are only valid for certain applications, but they can be useful. They can then be customized in the functionality options to be able to choose the language, font size and style (white text on black background, yellow text on black background etc).

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and you? Are you using accessibility options? Which ones?

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