Android: 11 hidden features in developer options

First of all, you need to learn how to view developer options on Android. go for it Settings > About phoneTap and tap “Build number” 7 times. Developer options are unlocked, go back to the previous screen and you will find them under Settings.

1. Android: Change animation scales to speed up your smartphone

ladder animation android

The first developer option is perhaps one of the best known. It’s about animation scales. These are about the effects of transitions between windows of your Android interface. Reducing or disabling them will immediately improve the overall responsiveness of the interface. Aesthetics or speed, unfortunately sometimes you have to choose.

2. Android: View CPU Memory Used

android cpu memory

If you want to know which processes are using the resources of your smartphone, then viewing the processor memory in real time is the best solution. Various running processes will be displayed in the upper right corner of your screen. I do not recommend viewing them permanently, as they will always be displayed through the interface, which is not very aesthetic and can hinder navigation.

3. Android: Improve the graphics quality of games

how to improve android game performance

How to improve the graphics quality of your games on Android, a simple solution you will find in developer options by enabling MSAA 4x in OpenGL ES 2.0 applications. In other words, enable anti-aliasing to reduce the ladder effect found on items displayed on the screen in games. Please note that a good SoC (CPU and GPU) is recommended, otherwise you will experience slowdowns.

4. Android: USB debugging

android usb debugging

This is an essential option when you want to connect your Android smartphone or tablet to your PC. Enabling USB debugging bridges the gap between your computer and phone when connected via USB. For example, it is a way for application developers to copy information from one environment to another. For others, it’s a way to root their Android smartphone so they can have full power.

5. Android: keep screen on while charging

keep screen active android

You may not want your screen to turn off when plugged into AC power. It’s unlikely to go blank, and you don’t want to have to go into display settings to change the amount of time the screen will automatically go to sleep. To do this, simply enable the “Keep active” option.

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6. Android: improve the quality of your mobile network

This useful option allows you to automatically improve the quality of your mobile network. When enabled, you will automatically switch to your 3G or 3G mobile connection only if your Wi-Fi signal is too weak. For example, it’s a kind of smart auto mode that doesn’t force you to disconnect your Wi-Fi yourself if the weak signal only slows down the viewing of your web pages.

7. Android: Fake location spoof

android dummy position

Many apps use your GPS to locate you, but did you know it’s possible to enable a wrong location? It’s as simple as hello. Be careful, this option will not allow you to download apps reserved for other countries because you will need a VPN for that. It will only allow you to convince your friends that you are somewhere else. Here’s how

  • Download the app “Wrong Location” On Google Play Store:
Google Play
  • Go to Developer options > Debug menu > select mock location app.
  • Select “Fake Position”.

8. Android: limit the number of apps in the background

limit android process

Since Android is a multitasking operating system, previously opened apps will continue to run in the background unless you bother to close them completely. It’s possible to turn them off individually or all at once via the multitasking menu, but who really bothers to do that?

In general, it is not annoying to have applications running in the background, but keep in mind that it is quite possible to limit the number of open applications by doing the following:

  • Go to Developer Options > Applications menu
  • Select “Limit background processes”
  • Six options are then available to you. You can keep the standard limit and limit the number of background apps to one, two, three or four. even zero.

9. Android: view cursor position

android slider

Your finger on the screen of your smartphone is somewhat like a mouse pointer, except that, after all, it remains invisible. Not because it is quite possible to view the trajectory drawn with a small cursor or even with your finger. On a daily basis, we will not recommend viewing these options so as not to disturb your navigation, but do it at least once out of curiosity.

  • Open Developer Options and go to the “Home” menu
  • Check the “Show selected items” box to display the marker
  • Check the “Cursor position” box to view the trajectory drawn with your finger

10. Android: show statistics for each transaction

android statistics

While Android already provides a lot of information about the various processes running by default, the developer options go even further by allowing you to view all the processes that have been active for the past 23 hours. By clicking on a process, you can access all available information: RAM consumption, execution time and services used.

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To view statistics, simply:

  • Go to developer options
  • Click on “Running Services”

Note that you can also view cached processes.

11. Android: Protect your backups with a password

android backup

Android also allows you to create full backups of your data on the computer, which can be very handy, although pretty much everything has been backed up to your Google account since Marshmallow. Still, some prefer physical backups, even if it means backing up, as long as it’s secure and developer options allow you to secure your backup using a password. And as you can see, it’s as easy as pie!

I hope these 11 Hidden Tricks in Developer Options will have helped you. There are others that I have not presented to you. If you have one to share with the community, feel free to share it with us in the comments.