Adding GIFs to Google Slides for Web and iPad

While we can continue to argue over whether GIF is pronounced as a gif or a jif, we all agree on the Gen Z communication route via the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF).

GIFs received support in IM (Instant Messaging) apps, social media, and even presentation software like Google Slides. Here’s how you can add GIFs to Google Slides web and iPad.

Add GIFs to Google Slides Web

First, we’ll show you how to add GIFs to Google Slides on the web and then switch to the Google Slides iPad app.

Stage 1: Open Google Slides on the web and select the presentation you want to edit.

You can also create a presentation from scratch or choose one of the built-in Google Slides templates.

Step 2: Select a slide you want to add a GIF to.

Stage 3: Click on the Add menu at the top.

Step 4: Choose photo.

You have two options – upload a GIF from the computer or use a URL to add the GIF directly.

Step 5: Select Upload from computer and locate the saved GIF to upload.

Don’t worry about finding the right GIF for your presentation. You can go to GIPHY and find the perfect GIF to match your presentation.

You can right-click the GIF and save it as an image (and then upload it using the steps above).

You can also click the Share button and copy the GIF link. After copying the GIF link, follow the steps below to add it to Google Slides.

Step 6: Choose By URL from the Insert > Image menu.

Step 7: Check out the live GIF preview and hit the Add button at the bottom.

You will see the GIF appear on your presentation slide. Don’t worry about how the GIF looks on the slide. We will talk about GIF editing options in Google Slides later in the article.

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Add a GIF to Google Slides on iPad

Let’s clear this up. You cannot add GIF via URL in Google Slide iPad app. GIFs must be saved on your iPad to integrate them into the presentation. Let us show you how to download GIFs on iPad and then add them to Google Slides.

Stage 1: Open Safari or your preferred browser on iPad.

Step 2: Visit GIPHY on the web and find the GIF you’re looking for.

Stage 3: Tap and hold the GIF and select Save image.

The browser will download the GIF into the Photos app on the iPad. Let’s add the GIF to the Google Slides app.

Stage 1: Open the Google Slides app on iPad and find the presentation.

Step 2: Select a slide and tap the + icon at the top.

Stage 3: Tap on Image and select From Photos.

Select the GIF from the Photos app and add it to the presentation.

On iPad, you can only change the GIF position and add borders around it. Google Slides web offers more options for editing a GIF. Let’s check out the editing options.

Editing GIFs on Google Slides Web

Google Slides offers multiple formatting options to customize the look and placement of the GIF in the presentation.

Stage 1: Right-click on an added GIF in Google Slide and select Format options from the context menu.

Step 2: You will see the Format options menu appearing on the right.

Size and rotation: You can make the GIF size, angle on the presentation slide.

Location: You can always drag and drop the GIF to a different location or use the Position option to move the GIF to a precise location.

recolor: Do you want to filter a GIF? You can expand the recolor menu and choose one of the filters to change the look of the GIF.

Adjustments: This is more suitable for images in Google Slides. You can adjust the transparency, brightness and contrast of the added GIF.

Drop shadow and Reflection functions are self-explanatory.

Level Up Your Presentations

Want to add some fun to a boring presentation? Instead of using common words like Thank You, Congratulations or other terms, you can use a GIF and convey your message efficiently. You can also add an audio clip to Google Slides.

Use the above tricks, add GIFs to Google Slides and show your creativity.

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